JoJo Fletcher Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Talks How She Got Over Ben Higgins

JoJo Fletcher spoke out and revealed to E! Online that she has moved on just fine from Ben. It may seem like JoJo is trying to find love too soon, but she feels like she is ready for the task. Girls that were on the season before end up as The Bachelorette all the time, but it isn’t usually the girl that made it to the very end. Here is what JoJo had to say about moving on.

“Right after my relationship ended with Ben, I had some time at home to think about everything. I feel like I got to a place where I moved on and I was happy, and then it came to me and I felt like I was more ready than ever. The timing felt right and I was really excited.”

JoJo is going into this season of the show without any rules at all. She is just going to do whatever happens and see how things go for her. Was JoJo upset that Ben Higgins told Lauren that he loved her as well as JoJo? She revealed that she wasn’t really and was totally okay with how things went down. JoJo shared her thoughts:

“I never thought there was anything wrong with Ben saying ‘I love you’ to both of us, it just didn’t work out for me. I’m good friends with Lauren and I think Ben’s amazing, but he just wasn’t the right one for me. I know that I’m more than ready to find someone now.”

At this time, JoJo Fletcher is still in the early stages of trying to find love on the show. Mike Fleiss has been tweeting about the show and letting fans know a few spoilers, but nothing that reveals which guys she is keeping around on the show. Hopefully, it will work out and JoJo will find the man of her dreams in the end.

US Magazine revealed that things are going really well for JoJo Fletcher so far on the show. JoJo shared that she did go into the morning that Ben broke her heart thinking she would get engaged, but that just wasn’t the way that it worked out. Instead, Ben Higgins ended up finding love with Lauren Bushnell and proposing to her.

JoJo Fletcher shared that she doesn’t talk to Ben now, but her relationship with Lauren Bushnell is her first priority. These two obviously got really close on the show and are still friends now that it is over. JoJo also revealed that she wants to find a husband, get engaged, and start a family. She feels like this is the time it could really happen. JoJo did reveal to Good Morning America that things are going well already. She said, “I am connecting with these guys. I’m having fun with them. I’m actually feeling feelings, which I didn’t expect so early on.”

Do you think that JoJo Fletcher jumped into dating again too soon? Do you think that JoJo will find love on The Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss the new season when it starts to air on Monday, May 23 on ABC.

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