‘Big Brother Canada’ 4, Week 5 Spoilers: New HOH Nominates 2 House Guests, as Kelsey and Loveita Spy On the House

After a crazy week 4 in the Big Brother Canada 4 house, a new Head of Household (HOH) reigns supreme and has nominated two house guests for possible eviction using an unconventional method to do so.

Week 4 in the Big Brother Canada game was full of twists and turns, as one of HOH Joel’s nominees was sent packing – but did not go home. Raul and Kelsey were both nominated for eviction, but on Thursday night, the Big Brother Canada cast mates decided to evict Kelsey, reports GlobalTV. This was after being told by show host Arisa Cox that the evening entailed a double eviction, not just one.

After being voted out, Kelsey then found herself on stage in front of a live audience with Arisa, who offered her a glimpse of hope. Arisa told Kelsey that she was part of a “Wild Card” twist that she would be informed of later in the show.

Subsequently, a quick HOH competition was held, and Maddy won. She was forced to decide whom to place on the chopping block and went with Raul and Jared. GlobalTV notes that after a speedy Power of Veto (POV) challenge, which was won by Nick, the POV was used to save Jared. This forced HOH Maddy to choose a replacement nominee for eviction on the spot, and she picked Loveita.

Loveita was evicted, and when she met with Arisa on stage, she was also given the news she would not be going home. Arisa then called Kelsey back to the stage and informed both women that, instead of heading home, they would be sequestered in a secret room and have the ability to spy on the house and cast members they left behind.

According to Arisa, Kelsey and Loveita will be able to watch the other house guests, sometimes hear what they are saying, and at certain points, take control of parts of the Big Brother Canada game. At the end of the week, Arisa noted, either Kelsey or Loveita would be heading back into the house to compete once again.

After the show concluded, it was learned that one of the international icons in the Big Brother realm, Tim, won the week 5 HOH crown. Big Brother Network indicates that Tim’s strategy – if it can be called that – regarding nominations was to gather all of the remaining house guests into the living room and tell them the individuals chosen as nominees would result via cast member consensus.

Essentially, Tim explained that the two Big Brother Canada house guests who are nominated will be the pair that receive the most points from other players. Tim gave each house guest five points to assign to any other member of the cast. He said he would not reveal how anyone chose to use their points and noted that if a house guest refused to participate, he or she would then be given the five points as a penalty, Big Brother Network reports.

Big Brother Junkie indicated on Twitter that, by Friday afternoon, Dallas had 29 points; Ramsey 9 points; Maddy 7; Jared 4; and Joel had the least number of points with only one. Apparently, according to Joker’s Updates live feed spoilers, Dallas refused to participate in this voting process and automatically received five points. This resulted in Dallas and Ramsey being the designated nominees for week 5 of Big Brother Canada, Joker’s Updates reports.

Tim’s method of nominating was not completely out of the blue, as in Big Brother Australia, houseguests were required to give their nomination points to other cast members and those with the highest scores were placed on the eviction block. The difference between the Big Brother Australia scenario and that of Big Brother Canada is that the Australian public then voted for the house guest who would go home, not the other cast mates.

The week 5 POV competition is slated to take place soon, which will determine whether the two nominated house guests, Dallas and Ramsey, remain on the block or are saved by whoever wins the giant medallion.

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