Easter Craft Ideas: Last Minute And Easy DIY Easter Decorations For The Whole Family

Easter 2016 is almost here, and anyone searching for some last-minute and easy DIY craft ideas need look no further.

Easter is one of the most craft-friendly holidays, with everything from bunnies to eggs to spring flowers lending themselves to crafting. Most of these craft ideas are very simple — ones you can make yourself or with just a few bucks and a quick trip to the nearest craft supply store.

Here are some Easter craft favorites, plus some links at the end to more craft ideas.

DIY Easter Crayons

These DIY Easter crayons are a great way to get rid of all those broken crayons.
[Image via Moonfrye]

This is a creative and colorful way to get the kids involved, and it’s a great solution to any family with a lot of broken crayons (which is pretty much any house where young kids come into contact with crayons).

It does require a silicone Easter bunny baking mold, but that can usually be found at specialty food stores.

Here are the instructions (via Moonfrye):

Step 1: Break crayons into small pieces. We choose bright and pastel colors for an Easter feel.

Step 2: Fill each mold to the top and mix and match different colors in each.

Step 3: Bake the crayons at 300°F for 10 min. Let them cool completely.

Step 4: Take the crayons out of the mold and let your coloring adventure begin!

Decoupage Easter Eggs (Martha Stewart)