Mitt Romney Will Announce His VP Pick With Smartphone App

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney will announce his vice presidential running mate via a newly released smartphone app.

If all goes according to the Romney campaign’s plan, and there are no leaks (which is a big if), the downloadable “Mitts VP” app will push the first official word of the selection to your mobile device.

As yet there is no public timetable for the announcement of Mitt Romney’s VP pick.

Given how political information leaks out into the media, is it realistic that the Mitt’s VP will be the official word who will join Mitt Romney on the Republican presidential ticket? The campaign seem to think so, according to Business Insider:

Romney campaign digital director Zac Moffatt thinks the campaign will be able to keep the choice under wraps until it is able to send out the notification via a push message.

“It’s a commitment I’ve asked the campaign to make,” Moffatt told Business Insider. “That’s why we’re calling it the official, the first way as a campaign that we will officially provide the information. There will be nothing else that we do — no statement, nothing.”

Be advised that Mitt’s VP is also a way for the campaign to access information about the downloaders. The registration process for the Mitt’s VP app, according to Mashable, “reveals the true purpose of the app: It’s a way for the Romney campaign to collect data about its supporters. That’s not a nefarious or evil thing — data is the key to winning elections and it’s worth its weight in gold to every campaign.”

The app is available for download on iTunes and the Android Market.