Zayn Malik Confused Everyone With Fake Face Tattoo

Zayn Malik has been catching a backlash lately due to a major change in his appearance. It seems Zayn Malik has moved from clean cut to bad boy with one huge and interesting makeover that has left many fans stunned and agonizing that he has wrecked his “beautiful face,” according to Daily Mail.

Whether or not this change in looks is an actual, permanent shift with permanent ink, the recent evolution of his looks has fans talking. And perhaps, with his new album coming out, that is exactly what Zayn Malik wants his fans to be doing.

While Zayn Malik has been known for variety where grooming standards are concerned, never keeping one hairstyle or hair color for too long, he surprised fans by both shaving his head and getting a tattoo on the left side of his face, with the acronym “M.O.M,” marking his debut for “Mind of Mine,” according to Daily Mail. M.O.M refers to his new single, a song that is soon to be released, and has fans excited. His social media post announcement had fans both complimenting and lamenting his new appearance.

Zayn Malik has been no stranger to getting ink, appearing somewhat punkish with his looks, or changing those punkish looks for that matter. However, this location of his new ink and the removal of his hair have many fans stunned. The idea of shaving off the hair that has been dyed a rainbow of colors and become a bit of Zayn Malik’s trademark shocked many, but not as much as a tattoo on the side of his face, in an area where he used to don sideburns. To many of his fans, ink on the face is just too much to take, even in celebration of a new album and single release.

This is not to say that Zayn Malik’s change in appearance did not inspire some compliments from other fans, but regardless, the singer left a bit of a mystery as to whether or not the tattoos are permanent.

Along with the M.O.M on his face, on the released picture, an outline of a swallow on his neck can be viewed. What is mysterious is Zayn Malik’s caption on the image, according to Daily Mail.

“Like I would.”

And that turned out to be the greatest clue in the Zayn Malik face tattoo mystery, as the tattoo was a complete fake.

Zayn Malik later appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and performed his new song “Like I Would,” and fans were quick to notice that the face tattoo had disappeared.

Zayn Malik is not only confusing fans with impressive fake tattoos, but he’s also being a bit mysterious as to the inspiration for the third single on his new album. Zayn released that particular song early for his fans, commenting that his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, was his muse for the new song.

“Saw your [Gigi Hadid’s] face and got inspired.”

Along with the compliment, Zayn Malik posted a picture of the stunning model, leaving little doubt that beautiful people can attract beautiful people. In the picture, Gigi, 20, wears a black dress and smiles as she pulls back her cardigan and her long blond hair blows behind her.

Gigi Hadid is certainly not shy about showing Zayn off, no matter his changing looks. She even proposed going on a double date with other beautiful people, including Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown, according to Hollywood Life.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]