Tonya Harding The Subject Of Two New Movies Poking Fun At Violence

It seems everything that is old is new once again, with reboots, reunions, the OJ Simpson case, and now two movies on Tonya Harding, which focus in a campy manner on her alleged assault of Nancy Kerrigan before the Olympics. The Harding movie, The Bronze, is already out, and the next movie, I, Tonya, is in the works.

According to the Inquisitr, the movies about Tonya Harding, coming to a theater near you, are right on the heels of two OJ Simpson mini-series, which were bolstered by a knife suddenly turning up and being tested to see if there was any DNA. From the Kardashians to OJ Simpson to Faye Resnick, pop culture D-listers came out of the woodwork to once again discuss their relevance to a time in history; and discussion about the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan event will likely be no different, though in this case, Nancy Kerrigan doesn’t seem to want to participate or have anything to gain, but Tonya Harding does.

The Daily Mail is reporting that just like back in the day, Tonya Harding doesn’t disappoint when it comes to using a potty mouth to describe just about anything. Melissa Rauch, known as Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory, plays Tonya Harding in The Bronze, has been partnering with Harding to promote the campfest about the assault on Nancy Kerrigan. In a promotional video, an unnamed Hollywood executive asks Tonya Harding why she thinks the judges are against a girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

“Yeah, they like the f***ing ice princesses.”

In the promotional clip, Rauch and Harding both rock the classic fringed bang, and a red, white, and blue USA track suit. The promotion for The Bronze, which is a comedy, also has both Rauch and Harding giving the interviewer the finger, while also participating in some rough talk and posturing.

“Excuse me, do we have a problem here,” Tonya said menacingly while crackling her knuckles.

People magazine stated that Margot Robbie will be playing Tonya Harding in the upcoming film, I, Tonya, covering the same event, and the same period of time. The rest of the cast for I, Tonya, has not been named, but Robbie is officially a go.

The movie will cover the whole event where Tonya Harding’s now ex husband, Jeff Gillooly set up a hit on Nancy Kerrigan to take her out of the competition, so that Tonya Harding could take home the gold. Ironically, Kerrigan got the silver, Harding got the bronze, and Oksana Bayul went home with the gold.

Newsmax reported that elegant actress Margot Robbie will need a serious deglamming in order to play Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. And they have asked the question, can it be done? The thoughts are, I, Tonya will turn out to be like Nicole Kidman’s role in the movie To Die For, which turned true crime into high camp.

Others are suggesting that Margot Robbie is going to need a strip down to play Tonya Harding like Charlize Theron was to paly the lead role in Monster.

Fans on Twitter were tweeting that Margot Robbie playing Tonya Harding in a movie is better than winning a medal in the olympics.

Do you think Tonya Harding really merits two feature films?

[Photo by Phil Sandlin/AP Images]