Jimmy Fallon Spits On Jake Gyllenhaal’s Face

Jimmy Fallon invited his pal Jake Gyllenhaal on The Tonight Show to spit all over his face, according to Us Magazine. The 41-year-old host and the 35-year-old actor competed to see who is more disgusting on Monday.

And it’s pretty hard to determine the winner, as both Jimmy Fallon and Gyllenhaal were as disgusting as it gets. The host of the late night talk show announced they would do a throwback of an old show they allegedly starred in together.

The fake show starring Jimmy Fallon and Gyllenhaal is titled Point Pleasant Police Department, which features the hilarious duo showering one another with coffee, pies, cream, crackers, apples, milkshakes, and a number of other foods and drinks that sometimes manage to stick to their faces.

And while Jimmy Fallon and Gyllenhaal are trying to talk to each other using lots of P’s in their dialogue (if you could call it that), they always end up spitting all over each other’s faces. The skit features three clips, which get more and more disgusting. Gyllenhaal even admitted that although he has had “pretty intense roles” in his acting career, this one was “the most intense.”

The most hilarious moment comes when Jimmy Fallon manages to get a piece of pie stuck right above Gyllenhaal’s eyebrow. And that’s where the two really started laughing uncontrollably.

The sketch was reminiscent of the classic Friends episode guest starring Gary Oldman, in which Oldman’s character teaches Matt Le Blanc’s character, Joey Tribbiani, that “when you enunciate, you spit!”

If you want to start your day with a dose of giggles, watch the video full of spitting and disgusting behavior by Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal below.

Last week, Jimmy Fallon parodied Us Weekly‘s 25 Things with Ted Cruz, according to Us Weekly. The host started his Tonight Show by mocking GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who had claimed he is the one who advises himself since he has a “good brain,” and then the host focused on Cruz.

“Did you see this? Ted Cruz was just featured in Us Weekly’s ’25 Things You Don’t Know About Me’ column, and on the list he revealed that he was once bitten by an octopus at the beach and got terribly ill.”

And then Jimmy Fallon threw his punchline.

“Then the octopus said ‘Yeah, it took me a while to recover too. Ugh.’”

The host then said that Cruz had revealed to Us Weekly that he was in The Sound of Music twice during his school years and that he memorized every line in Princess Bride.

And that’s where Jimmy Fallon started delivering his jokes by introducing fake facts about Cruz. For example, the host joked that in his childhood, Cruz’s family moved as many as six times, but he “kept finding them.”

Another joke made fun of Cruz’s high school years. Jimmy Fallon joked that the presidential hopeful went to prom with the lunch lady, but at the end of the event she said she wanted to be just friends.

According to the Daily Mail, Jimmy Fallon is not wearing his wedding ring anymore. The Tonight Show host was spotted in New York on Monday without his wedding ring, but there is a reasonable explanation for that.

It’s been almost a year since Jimmy Fallon nearly lost his finger when he tripped on a braided rug and snagged his ring finger on a countertop as he fell. The late night talk show host then had to spend ten days in a hospital intensive care unit.

That’s why Jimmy Fallon is very careful about wearing wedding rings, and it’s unlikely that he will ever risk wearing it again, as the talk show host suffered from what is called “ring avulsion.”

[Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC / Getty Images]