‘Marvel Heroes’ Introduces New Special Packs, BOGO Sale For Marvel’s ‘Women Of Power’ Celebration

During the month of March, Marvel Games is celebrating the many strong female characters in the Marvel universe. Marvel Heroes, the action RPG from Gazillion Entertainment, is no exception and is expected to release a new female costume and a new female team-up sometime soon as part of the campaign. Before their release, however, the team at Marvel Heroes decided to discount every single female hero, costume, and team-up in the game as part of the “Women of Power” event.

The “Women of Power” sale currently underway in Marvel Heroes includes a 25 percent discount on all female characters. This includes characters that are female and enhanced costumes that let certain characters utilize their female variants. For instance, both Rogue and the enhanced female character costume for Deadpool are on sale. Female team-ups are also discounted during the sale, and this includes heroes like Gamora, Firestar, Clea, and more.

Marvel Heroes

Additionally, there is currently a buy one, get one sale going on in Marvel Heroes right now. The BOGO does apply to the characters discounted by the “Women of Power” sale. For example, a player picking up Black Cat for 25 percent off will also receive a random hero box to open as part of their purchase. The BOGO applies to heroes and costume purchased with Gs in the Marvel Heroes in-game store. Be sure to visit the BOGO FAQ for all the details on buying something during a Marvel Heroes BOGO.

New bundles are also available that include different combinations of characters, team-ups, and costumes to celebrate the “Women of Power” event. Although not eligible for the 25 percent discount, these various packs greatly discount these characters to a fraction of their normal cost. Check out the bundles page on the official Marvel Heroes website for a full list of new bundles. At the time of this writing, none of these packs are available through Steam. Players must purchase them from Gazillion Entertainment directly.

Marvel Heroes

As The Inquisitr reported, Marvel Games is celebrating “Women of Power” during the month of March. Marvel Heroes will soon welcome the American Dream costume skin for Captain America that lets players play the character’s female variant. Additionally, Rescue will join to team-up roster ready to aid heroes in battle in three different ways. Team-ups, non-playable characters that can be summoned by the player, can be set to always aid the player, temporarily appear after being summoned for extra damage, or provide their passive bonus to the player. Team-up characters have their own skills, both active and away powers, to choose from as well.

The enhanced Captain America skin and the Rescue team could release as early as this month. However, many of the “Women of Power” promotions will extend through the summer. It is possible that the American Dream enhanced costume and Rescue could slip into these later months. Of course, Marvel Heroes developers have even more planned in the way of female characters. The next playable hero to release is Elektra, after all. Like the recently updated Daredevil character, Elektra uses Stamina instead of Spirit. According to the preview on the official Marvel Heroes forums, Elektra utilizes a mechanic to mark enemies for death, in addition to her Sai and other weapons. She can even call in aid from the Chaste during fights when she might need a little extra help.

Elektra can be pre-ordered now from the Marvel Heroes website at a discount. The Elektra hero pack includes the character, two costumes for her, her personal hero bank, six fortune cards, and two experience boosts. Later, the individual character, without the stash space and extra costume, can be purchased in-game. She can also be unlocked without real money simply by playing the game. Collect enough Eternity Splinters, a currency that drops regularly in the game, to purchase her after she is official released.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]