Selena Gomez Is Done Talking About Bieber, But Her Heart Is Not Done Loving Him

Selena Gomez has revealed in past interviews that she no longer wants to talk about Justin Bieber. But that hasn’t stopped the pop star from spending time with her ex-boyfriend.

There are reports and speculation that Justin Bieber is not completely over his first love. The Canadian pop star has expressed that he’s dealing with anxiety and depression, especially since he kicked off his Purpose World Tour. The Biebs even canceled the remainder of his fan meet-and-greets, which he calls “emotionally exhausting.”

He’s been turning to Selena for some much-needed support. The singer was even spotted at one of his concerts at the Los Angeles Staples Center on Wednesday, March 23, thanks to some observant fans. Selena casually watched Justin as he performed onstage for his adoring fans.

Just four days prior, Bieber posted a throwback photo of the two kissing on Instagram with the caption “Feels.” Gomez reportedly liked the photo and remarked that it was “perfect.”


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But things got really steamy after the concert. The on-and-off couple reportedly spent time in his dressing room after the show, according to E! News. An eyewitness revealed that Selena and Justin looked quite “comfortable” and “happy” to be in each other’s presence. The 21-year-old even drove the 23-year-old beauty home from the concert, before he headed back out to party with Kourtney Kardashian. Classy.

Another insider revealed to the Hollywood Life that Selena Gomez has been secretly visiting Justin Bieber at his hotel several times in the past week. The exes have been even having secret lunch and dinner dates.

“Selena and Justin spent time together at his hotel more than once in the last week. They were poolside, had lunch in the dining room and had a drink at the bar. While he didn’t serenade her on the piano, they appeared flirty and very touchy-feely. They seemed very close, and you could tell there was some obvious sexual chemistry between them.”

The report is recalling the time when Bieber serenaded Gomez with a performance of “My Girl” back in November 2015 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Then, when she was asked about that infamous meet-up in an interview with Rolling Stone, Sel said that she doesn’t want to talk about her famous ex anymore.

“Honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

Then she echoed the same sentiments in her March cover story with W Magazine. The “Heart Wants What it Wants” singer said that she was over talking about all things Justin Bieber.

“I am honestly so done,” she exclaimed. “I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”

But is Gomez really over him? Sources say that the actress “desperately” wants Bieber to join her on her Revival World Tour so that she can look out for him. The two are also having serious talks about getting back together. One insider told E! News that Gomez has extended an invite for Bieber to join her on her upcoming tour, which kicks off in May. Once they’re both done with their big headlining tours, Bieber and Gomez are considering give their romance another try. However, the E! source claims that they’re more focused on their hot music careers, while showing support for each other’s careers.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez wants to be 'done' with Bieber, but her heart wants what it wants. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Other sources told TMZ that the two artists will always have deep feelings for each other and that Selena would “easily” take the bad boy back. While they’re not back together at the moment, their relationship status could change in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s confusing relationship? Do you think they’re destined to be together? Do you really think Selena wants him back? Sound off below in the comments section.

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