Play ‘GTA V’ This Week To Unlock New Exclusive Customization Options, DLC Vehicle Discounts

Not failing to make sure that players have plenty to do inside the online multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games today announced the start of yet another week-long in-game event. As users have now come to expect, the developer is offering several bonus rewards and discounts on select items and missions within GTA Online.

While providing full details on the benefits for this week’s event, the Rockstar Newswire blog announced that all vehicles that were previously released as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC Update are now on sale. To give fans an incentive to test out these discounted cars, the developer is also giving gamers extra payouts for participating in races in GTA Online.

GTA Online vehicle sale

Vehicles featured in the sale include the Inverto Coquette BlackFin, Dinka Vindicator, Progen T20, and the Coil Brawler. From now through Thursday, users will find special race playlists in the game that will provide double the normal RP reward for completing.

“After reaping the benefits of a full week of Double GTA$ opportunities in the Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week, take advantage of a huge array of discounts in-game now through to Thursday March 31st. As well as an exclusive unlock available all week and Double RP Race Playlists, there’s up to 50% off clothing and tattoos, and 25% off select vehicles and more from the Ill-Gotten Gains Updates, Part I and Part II, not to mention discounts on select car modifications.”

Offering up further details on current discounts on GTA Online‘s clothing customization items, Rockstar Games revealed that the savings apply to every single piece of clothing from the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC. This includes plenty of high-end wardrobe items and accessories such as jewelry and wrist watches. Additionally, users can also now chose from dozens of temporarily cheap tattoo options

“Style your wardrobe, and body, at a good price all week long with 50% off all clothing and tattoos from both ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Updates. Swing over to Binco, Suburban or Ponsonbys to get the look you want in outfits including The Baller, The Swank and much, much more. While you’re at it, let your body be the canvas without killing your bank account and get inked with any of the 30 ILL-GOTTEN tats at any parlor for half off too.”

As if the many discounts weren’t enough to keep GTA Online fashionistas happy, Rockstar Games is also giving away a free new shirt in the game to everyone who logs into the game during this week’s event. Players simply need to get onto the game at some point over the next seven days to have the exclusive t-shirt added to their wardrobe.

Finishing up the list of GTA Online discounts that are presently available in the game, players can now pick up any Knuckle Duster for half price at all Ammu-Nation stores. Like many of the other sale items from this week’s event, these brass knuckle weapons were originally introduced to Grand Theft Auto V as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC Update.

In addition to keeping players engaged with a seemingly never-ending tide of online events, Rockstar Games also recently a new patch for GTA V that fixed several in-game bugs as well as adding the new content from the Lowriders Custom Classics DLC. As The Inquisitr reported earlier in the week, Update 1.33 for Grand Theft Auto V included new options to help players from being repeatedly killed by the same user while on the free-roam open-world lobby of GTA Online. The patch also made a few changes to how co-op contact missions are unlocked on accounts.

GTA Online update bike

The Ill-Gotten Gains Week bonuses are now live for current-gen versions of GTA V. Do you plan to take advantage of any of the special rewards or discounts?

[Image via Rockstar Games]