Matt Barnes Arrest: Officer Waited Nearly Two Hours Before Making Arrest

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Matt Barnes was recently arrested, as you may recall, for a traffic-related warrant and for resisting arrest. If a report from TMZ is to be believed, however, the former may not strictly be true–and it gets more interesting from there.

The report says that the police officer who made the arrest had the chance to confront Barnes before he walked from his car a block-and-a-half away from the MB Post, a popular Manhattan Beach-area restaurant. Instead, the officer chose to wait for roughly two hours in a nearby alley for Barnes to exit the restaurant and make his way back to his car.

To make matters even more strange, the officer had yet another chance to confront Barnes when the former Lakers star briefly left the restaurant to pick up something from his vehicle.

“Witnesses say 15 minutes later, Barnes walked back to the vehicle in plain view of the cop,” TMZ reports. “According to witnesses … Barnes got something from the car and returned to the restaurant. Again, the officer watched but did nothing.”

As for the Barnes “resisting arrest” part of the story, TMZ’s “sources” have this to say:

“We’re told Barnes already had one hand behind his back as he attempted to hand his gf the keys with his other hand so she could drive home. Sources say the cop grabbed the hand with the keys and the Lakers champ pulled away. The cop then immediately informed Barnes he would be charged with resisting arrest.”

None of this has been confirmed, mind you, so take it as a rumor and with a grain (or more) of salt. Assuming that the report is true, do you think that there is anything fishy about the situation?