Independent Wrestler Tatevik The Gamer Discusses Recent Appearance On WWE Raw, Says Not Everyone Was Happy About It

Independent wrestler Tatevik Hunanyan – known to fans as Tatevik the Gamer – was the featured guest on The Greg DeMarco Show podcast this week and on the program, the lady grappler discussed a number of topics related to her career in the business including her work in WWE and her heritage. Regarding WWE, Tatevik told hosts Greg DeMarco and Patrick O’Dowd of her enthusiasm regarding a recent backstage segment on Monday Night Raw.

As previously reported by WrestingINC, she was an extra in a restaurant skit involving Goldust and R-Truth. Hunanyan has previous experience as an actress, having appeared in the 2013 film, Ambushed. A 2013 column by SLAM! Wrestling noted her co-stars on that project were UFC legend Randy Couture, Vinnie Jones, and Dolph Lundgren.

In addition to performing as a wrestler and an actress, Tatevik is also an experienced kickboxer.

Tatevik Hunanyan said that the WWE appearance was not without some negative fallout, though, as the appearance led to a dispute with David McLane of Women of Wrestling. Tatevik performed for WOW for some years prior to her appearance on Raw and she said that when McLane learned that she had a small role with WWE, he deleted her Facebook page, through which she had amassed a formidable following.

“It happened the day after I got my paycheck from WWE. I thought that was kind of ironic,” Tatevik said. “I guess Dave got the impression that I now work for WWE after doing that little segment. Maybe he wanted to take a shot at me… I actually – I went to him and I called him and he didn’t pick up. And then I e-mailed him and he e-mailed me back and said, ‘Oh, Tatevik, congratulations. You’re with WWE! I know that’s been your goal this whole time.’ I said, ‘Thank you, but not really.’ This wasn’t really my goal at the time when I was with him – when I was with WOW, I was with WOW, and that was it. They’re the ones that stopped running shows, they’re the ones that stopped wanting to train, so… What was I going to do? Was I just going to sit there and wait for something to happen?”

Tatevik said that McLane never acknowledged deleting her page and noted that she has since launched a new page on Facebook. Greg DeMarco noted that David McLane was not on the show to defend himself and that fans were only hearing Tatevik’s side of the issue.

The official WOW site still lists Tatevik on the promotion’s roster, along with the likes of Amber O’Neal and Santana Garrett. Garrett has appeared in both TNA and WWE NXT.

In addition to establishing a new Facebook page to connect with her fans, Tatevik has also started a YouTube channel in which she shares stories of her past as a wrestler, as well as updating viewers on her experience as a pro wrestling photographer.

As she explained on The Greg DeMarco Show, Tatevik recently started working as photographer at WWE live events, sharing that she has been learning the ropes from pro wrestling photographer Bill Otten. Tatevik said that her favorite moment thus far was photographing The Rock at a WWE live event on January 25. She explained that she noticed the performer’s mother and daughter at a show and realized that it meant The Rock would be making an unannounced appearance. As she noted in one of her video blogs, Tatevik previously worked with The Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson. Tatevik added she will also be on hand at WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

Tatevik Hunanyan also touched upon her heritage as an Armenian, noting that to her knowledge, WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik is the only other Armenian in the history of professional wrestling.

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