‘The Division’ Infinite Healing Mask Gear Discovered, Hutch The New ‘Bullet King’ Revealed

Tom Clancy’s The Division has been getting more reports of glitches/exploits in the game lately. Although there was a recent patch that cleared a lot of things up, there are still other areas to consider. For instance, the mask with the Rehabilitated talent allows for indefinite/infinite healing. Then there is another newly discovered “Bullet King.”

With the plethora of equipment pieces in the game and different types of build strategies depending on what you want your character to do, there comes a rather beneficial exploit of sorts that could indeed help your stamina-focused Division agent.

This Division exploit could be helpful for any character out there and looks to be exclusive to the mask slot, according to Reddit. The talent you’re looking for is that of the “Rehabilitated” talent which allows for 2 percent healing for every second of a status effect in-game.

So for instance, if you’re flash-banged and are blind or had an opponent that hit you hard with an effect that makes you dizzy, this talent is probably helpful to an extent so that you may get your bearings back after the effects wear off.

The Division exploit here becomes apparent after the effect wears off. The talent continues to function indefinitely. A YouTube video by Whodeeknee demonstrates this as opponents are taking shots at him and his health bar keeps going right back up. He advised to take advantage of this in The Division Challenge Mode format as it’s proven to be quite helpful for game progress.

Whodeeknee also had bleed resistance and the kind of mask he had crafted was geared toward stamina. These additional abilities seriously supplemented the infinite healing mask in The Division game.

You can still be killed, however, if you’re pummeled left and right if damaged dealt is quicker than the infinite healing talent of the mask.

To note, this talent can be acquired as a high-end gear usually found in the Dark Zone, Challenge Mode, and maybe the Hard Mode.

A Division player was rather at odds as to why he was always being healed, and put up a YouTube video scrolling through every piece of his equipment, asking for comments. Then, when he/she came across the mask, therein laid the Rehabilitated talent. He did think himself to be invincible, until he came across the Challenge Mode or Dark Zone.

“I somehow keep getting health regen and I don’t know why. So, here’s that if you can find out what’s going on that’d be a huge help. For now I’m almost invincible, I do die but only to level 32’s in DZ and Challenging Difficulty.”

The Division also had revealed yet another “Bullet King” by the name of Hutch, according to Game Rant. It is actually in an early mission at the Madison Field Hospital. There’s a video provided by Ghost Dog where it was demonstrated that if your Division agent shoots him dead before he jumps down, a “shadow” version of the same but non-named character will generate. This one can easily be killed.

Loot the high-end gear available after the drop, then let yourself die and the process can be repeated. This can indeed be a window of opportunity for newcomers to the game who are just getting started at the lower levels.

For The Division newcomers who missed the original Bullet King character which made his short-lived debut just after the 1.0.2 patch update, players took advantage of this opportunity and it was quickly rectified. After that, homage was paid to the Bullet King via Twitter.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently out for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 with the next Incursions update available in April.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]