Chris Brown Instagram: Shares Rare Photos From His Childhood

Chris Brown took to Instagram today with various childhood photos. From infancy to middle school, Chris Brown shows how he developed as a kid.

While Chris Brown’s Instagram page is known for documenting the singer’s activities as a celebrity, Brown doesn’t have an issue sharing his old life with his fan base through photos — even his most personal experiences.

Accordingly, Chris Brown’s Instagram photo uploads have taken a nostalgic turn. He posted photos from 1989 to 1997 — an eight-year reign of his childhood. And, in each photo, it looks as if Chris Brown has always had his current appearance.

One of Chris Brown’s fans notes that “’89 was the year of beautiful people.” Actually, several of Chris’ fans were born in the same year and have expressed their similar likenesses. If you don’t know, Chris Brown’s birthday is May 5, 1989.

To digress, a year later, you can see that Brown’s feature face was making its way onto the camera. In essence, when Chris is excited, he still has this look, does he not?

While Instagram photos have their own timelines by default, this is one that Chris Brown needed to elaborate in his own right. Many men took similar photos when they were young toddlers, it seems. From Brown’s comments, it seems that several viewers relate to “the sailor suit.” Ideally, Chris’ fans mention that, if you look through various American family’s photos, you’ll probably find a little boy in a nearly identical outfit.

However, fast forward to 2-year-old Chris Brown, it seems that he can’t deny the similarity between himself and Royalty. Fans state that the two appear identical.

While the general consensus agrees that Chris Brown and Royalty resemble each other closely, things haven’t seemed to change much in regard to Chris’ facial structure and features. Well, Brown has tattoos now, yes. But at 3 years old, that obviously wasn’t the case.

As Chris Brown’s Instagram uploads continued to surface, his fans became more engaged with the latter pics. They were thrilled to see how Brown had progressed through his life’s journey.

Yet, from his photos, it’s at age 4 that many of his fans feel that Chris Brown probably started getting noticed for his looks. One commentator, Danielle, mentioned as follows.

“OK…93 is my absolute favorite Chris!!… (the [year] ya momma start sending ur pics off to them child star companies cuz u so d**n cute).”

At this point in the upload cycle, people said that Chris Brown was simply rummaging through his mother’s old photo collection. While Brown hasn’t explained why he has uploaded his childhood photos, it’s not improbable that he’d do such a thing so randomly, right? By all means, he is human with the same social tendencies as everyone else.

Maybe Chris Brown is considering his past as it pertains to Royalty’s future. It’s possible that he’s looking back on his own childhood innocence and seeing his daughter in himself. According to a research dissertation from Utrecht University, reflection is a great practice when considering how to raise your child. And just as Chris Brown is trying to protect his daughter from certain truths about the world, sometimes, cultural perceptions can imprint on a childhood. The source mentions as follows.

“The protection of the child from outside influences is fed by anxieties about the potential corruption of its innocence. Childhood is treasured. The child is spoiled and adored in a desperate attempt to keep it safe and happy.”

There were happier times in Chris Brown’s life, long before particular allegations and reputations began to follow him everywhere.

You never know what life will throw your way. It all depends on how you handle the situation, mostly. As for Chris Brown, Fox News reported that Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin ended the music artist’s probation on March 20. This probation sentence was in regard to his attack on “Work” singer Rihanna during their 2009 relationship.

It’s apparent that the decisions you make have the potential to affect you for a long time. Unfortunately, reputations are difficult to fix, even when you’ve corrected the mistakes. Nevertheless, maybe Chris Brown is aware of his mistakes and wants better for his daughter. Whatever the case, Chris Brown’s Instagram turned nostalgic for a moment. It happens to everyone, right?

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[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment]