New Loch Ness Photo Again Totally Proof There Is A Mysterious Creature In Scotland

A new Loch Ness photo has emerged to revive interest in what is perhaps the world’s most famous cryptid, and as per usual, this time the picture is supposed to be the real deal.

The new Loch Ness photo is, color us skeptical, much the same as the pics of the Loch Ness monster that have been emerging for years. While not grainy or far away, as if often the case, the image is of a tiny bit of what could be a thousand different things floating or swimming in the waters of the lake. Loch. Whatever.

Anyway, either the new Loch Ness photo was a stroke of bad luck, or whatever this thing is that has been spotted on and off since 1933 or earlier is so aware of human activities that it has been able to conceal itself from view and flash photography for the better part of a century, revealing but a flash of monster-flesh before disappearing into the waters again. Not that the monster doesn’t come to the surface, as the new Loch Ness photo clearly depicts it breaching the top of the water — but it knows better than to ever be viewed by human eyes or more importantly, cameras.

Also very suspiciously, the new Loch Ness photo was snapped by a guy who like, spends all his time looking for the Loch Ness monster — you know, precisely the type of person who has an interest in taking the newest and best ever picture of the Loch Ness monster.

The man who grabbed the new Loch Ness photo says he spied the creature for five to ten minutes, but to hear him tell it (to the Daily Mail) a bit of confirmation bias was very possibly at play. He explains:

“It was slowly moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle and it was a dark grey colour. It was quite a fair way from the boat, probably about half a mile away but it’s difficult to tell in water… I’m convinced I was seeing Nessie as I believe in these creatures. Far too many people have being seeing them for far too long.”

He continues:

“The first recorded sighting was in 565AD and there have been thousands of eye witness reports since then… All these people can’t be telling lies. And the fact the reports stretch over so many years mean there can’t just be one of them. I’m convinced there are several monsters.”

Several monsters who apparently have a very close and unbreachable pact to never ever ever be seen unless no cameras are present. Are you convinced by the new Loch Ness photo?