Trump ‘Spills The Beans’ On Heidi Cruz: ‘She Is A Bush Operative’

The Trump campaign has made good on the Republican front-runner’s Twitter threat to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi.

In an interview with MSNBC, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson unloaded on Heidi Cruz, saying that she is a Bush operative and that she has worked, throughout her career, in support of goals that Cruz himself claims that he opposes.

“She is a Bush operative,” Pierson told MSNBC. “She worked for the architect of NAFTA, which has killed millions of jobs in this country.”

Pierson also listed a number of Heidi Cruz’s other professional connections, including her work for Goldman Sachs and Council on Foreign Relations membership.

“She was a member on the Council on Foreign Relations who, in Senator Cruz’s own words, called a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty, and she’s been working for Goldman Sachs, the same global bank that Ted Cruz left off of his financial disclosure, and also has Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve, which is something that Senator Cruz promised to audit the Fed, and didn’t show up for the vote.”

Heidi Cruz’s work history and professional connections are public knowledge, but the implication made by the Trump campaign is that when taken as a whole, it doesn’t line up with Cruz’s stated beliefs and goals.

“Spilling the beans on Heidi Cruz simply means that her career has been spent working against everything Ted Cruz says that he stands for,” Pierson concluded in the MSNBC interview.

Trump originally threatened to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz in a tweet that was directed at Ted Cruz after an anti-Trump super PAC released a pro-Cruz ad that featured an old photograph of Melania Trump.

The ad, which appears to have actually been an image macro posted to Facebook, featured an image of Melania from a 2000 GQ photoshoot.

Cruz’s reply pointed out that the offending ad was not released or endorsed by his campaign.

Ignoring the fact that the image macro was released by the Make America Awesome super PAC, Trump responded by once again calling Cruz a liar. He later insisted that Cruz knew the super PAC intended to post the image.

Trump later retweeted an image that juxtaposed an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz with Melania.

In response to Trump’s threats, Cruz called his presidential rival a “sniveling coward.”

When the threat to spill the beans on Heidi was originally made, a number of sources speculated that it would have something to do with Heidi suffering from depression or a suicide attempt. According to Newsweek, police reports surfaced from 2005 that reported a woman identified as Heidi Cruz sitting at the edge of an expressway in Austin, Texas, with her head in her hands.

If that was Trump’s intent, or if he has other beans to spill, remains unknown. The information about Heidi Cruz that the Trump campaign did provide in the MSNBC interview was all public knowledge already, so it isn’t clear what directing a campaign spokeswoman to talk about Heidi Cruz’s career was meant to accomplish.

Do you think that Trump still has more beans to spill about Heidi Cruz, and do you think that a presidential candidate threatening another candidate’s wife is even appropriate?

[Photo by David J. Phillip/AP]