Chelsea Clinton Admits That Obamacare Is Way Too Expensive [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Chelsea Clinton says that her mother, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, will do something about the "crushing costs" of Obamacare medical insurance.

Obamacare celebrated its sixth birthday this week.

In a prior campaign event in Salt Lake City, Chelsea Clinton, who already is a multimillionaire, claimed that her mother wants to officially extend Obamacare coverage to illegal aliens.

In a campaign appearance in Madison, Wisconsin, this week, Chelsea Clinton also admitted that the Democrats have zero chance of retaking the U.S. House of Representatives from the Republicans in this election cycle, the Washington Post reported.

"The campaign has routinely deployed the former First Daughter to college areas where her mother is not popular," the Post added.

Hillary Clinton has closely associated herself with President Obama's signature healthcare reform legislation, which cleared Congress on a straight party-line vote, and Chelsea previously created a controversy in the run-up to the New Hampshire Primary by accusing her mom's rival Bernie Sanders of attempting to dismantle Obamacare.

Sanders, who voted for Obamacare, has proposed a Medicare-for-all plan, a completely government-run program that he claims will be far more cost effective than the status quo.

"Hillary Clinton has labeled a plan like Sanders' unrealistic and instead suggested that she would make improvements on Obamacare's back... Clinton, like her daughter, has had to publicly acknowledge some of the shortcomings of the law," the Daily Mail noted.

"Hillary Clinton has touted on the campaign trail how she worked for universal health care as first lady and that Obamacare was first called Hillarycare. She has defended the Affordable Care Act as an important step to universal coverage but has said that the landmark legislation turns full-time jobs into part-time jobs as employers try to keep their own costs down," the Washington Free Beacon explained.

"...[A] cap on out-of-pocket expenses. This was part of my mom's original plan back in '93 and '94, as well as premium costs. We can either do that directly or through tax credits. And, kind of figuring out whether she could do that through executive action, or she would need to do that through tax credits working with Congress. She thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of kind of the crushing costs that still exist for too many people, who even are part of the Affordable Care Act and buying insurance..."

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Obamacare premiums have increased about 9 percent over 2015, although in some states they jumped as much as 40 percent, The Hill reported. Depending on their income, many consumers are eligible for taxpayer subsidies that partially defray the premium costs, however.

A separate account from the Beacon suggests that health insurance premiums have increased by an average of 28 percent since 2009, rising faster than wages or the inflate rate.

Moving forward, the federal government's own figures apparently paint a disturbing picture of healthcare costs, according to the Daily Signal.

"Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data show that total per capita health insurance spending will rise from $7,786 in 2016 to $11,681 in 2024. Looking at the future of employer-based health insurance costs, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that job-based premiums are poised to increase by almost 60 percent between now and 2025."

[Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP]