Bulldog Stomped On And Thrown Down Stairs, Abusers Laughed While Filming Attack

Graphic footage of a bulldog being abused and beaten by its attacker recently made headlines as it went viral online.

The actual attack of this unappreciated canine is tragic and sickening enough. However, there are two key details that essentially add insult to injury. First, the man responsible for the attack, 22-year-old Andrew Frankish, apparently found it hilarious and laughed throughout the incident.

Second, it seems as if he was encouraged by another man that stood by and filmed the entire attack with his mobile device. Mirror reports that the cameraman was 19-year-old Daniel Frankish.

According to The Northern Echo, the attack is currently under investigation by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

As seen in the video footage, the female bulldog, whose name is reportedly “Baby,” was stomped on, grabbed, headbutted, and thrown down the stairs numerous times.

Andrew Frankish is even seen holding the bulldog high over his head. As if to play some sort of sick joke, Frankish is heard asking his cameraman, “Should I?” moments before he tosses the helpless creature down the stairs as if it was some sort of lifeless toy.

RSPCA Inspector Gemma Lynch opened up about the cruel act, describing details that are not very easy to detect during an initial viewing of the now-viral footage.

“She is totally submissive throughout, not even making a noise when she lands on the stairs, bouncing to the foot of them where there is a baby gate which she crashes into before hitting the ground… Andrew is saying things like ‘One, two, three’ before hurling her down them. He is clearly enjoying himself – he’s laughing and smiling. The whole horrible ordeal seems to be for his and the younger man’s entertainment, for fun.”

Lynch further explained the details of a different clip which showed even more graphic violence and animal cruelty conducted by Andrew Frankish.

“Another clip shows him stamping on her neck repeatedly at the bottom of the stairs, then picking her up and throwing her to the ground with force over and over again. He’s laughing hysterically… Everyone who has seen the video says it’s the most distressing thing they’ve ever seen. These are people who have seen a lot of horrible things.”

According to the report, the RSPCA inspectors even noticed a part of the footage where the bulldog is “heard crying as Frankish puts his full weight on her chest, then jumps up and down on her.” What did Daniel say during the attack? He reportedly encouraged the act and even wanted Andrew to escalate the abuse further, saying such things as “See if we can make it scream any more” and “we should throw it down the stairs by its ears.”

Quite a few people have used Twitter to share their reactions and uncensored thoughts about Andrew and Daniel’s actions.

Makes me sick to think that Daniel Frankish was in my form&Andrew in my brothers&they basically beat a dog to death on camera,both ugly err????

— Sam Douglas (@samlucydouglas) March 25, 2016

How was the footage of this grotesque animal cruelty discovered by the RSPCA in the first place?

The Northern Echo states that a member of the public found an SD memory card on a supermarket floor. After viewing the footage saved on the card, the bystander recognized the people featured in the footage and turned it over to the police. Both Andrew and Daniel Frankish were later arrested and interrogated by the RSPCA.

Both men received charges of animal cruelty last week at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court. The report states that they submitted guilty pleas for causing the unnecessary suffering to the female bulldog by subjecting the canine to physical violence. In addition to being ordered to pay a fine of £300 ($423.94 USD), they also received a tagged curfew for six months between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. along with a suspended prison sentence of nearly five months (approximately 21 weeks).

However, the most significant and lasting punishment that Andrew and Daniel Frankish received due to their actions was apparently their lifetime ban from keeping animals. Neither of them are able to appeal that banishment for 20 years.

What happened to the female bulldog that became an animal cruelty victim? The defenseless family pet lost the use of her hind legs and was reportedly put to sleep nearly three months after the attack.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]