What You Need To Know About Shonda Rhimes’ New Series ‘The Catch’

Shonda Rhimes is creating a television empire and just added a new show to the mix called The Catch. So, now that Rhimes owns Thursday nights, could she be branching into another weekday? Rhimes already has established shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder, and last night, The Catch launched and will bring Rhimes fans into the world of fine art, collectors, and scammers trying to get one up on the investigators. Such is the world of Shonda Rhimes.

According to the Inquisitr, Shonda Rhimes becomes intimately involved with her characters, and it is painful when she has to kill one of them off. Last year, Rhimes says it was very painful killing off McDreamy, as he had been with Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning. But Rhimes builds all of her series on the backs of strong female characters who carry the weight of the shows. Mireille Enos is the next Shonda Rhimes girl.

Though The Catch got a slow start last night, as a result of debuting against the NCAA Sweet 16, it surely had all of the characteristic signs of being a Shonda Rhimes drama, according to the Washington Post. They say it has the Shonda Rhimes recipe for a female-driven drama, which includes having a tough but damaged female lead, adding in underlings that form a dysfunctional surrogate family, and putting them into absurd situations. Yep, that is a Shonda Rhimes drama.

And then there’s the music that is found in The Catch, which is also a staple of a Shonda Rhimes show, according to Hank Stuever of the Washington Post.

“Crammed with current pop songs, sexy rolls in high-thread-count sheets, a frantic pace that’s stitched together by glitzy transitional segues of the Los Angeles skyline, and the simplest, soapiest premise imaginable.”

Now add in the gorgeous and smart female at the top of her game, set in the backdrop of Los Angeles. Alice Vaughan, played by Mireille Enos, is beautiful, well dressed, and has killer style, and she is the best private investigator in town. Add in male eye candy Peter Krause as Christopher Hall, who is the intellectual equivalent of Vaughan, but also smitten.

But again with the Shonda Rhimes way of doing things, there is duplicity, as Christopher Hall isn’t just Christopher Hall, he’s Mr. X. Nobody, which in the world of Shonda Rhimes is just an everyday Joe or Josephine. They have a dark side, and some are really, really dark.

But the Hollywood Reporter says The Catch is off to a slow start, and had modest ratings, even with Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal as a lead-in. But they say not to judge The Catch on last night’s numbers as the NCAA tournament threw off the normal Thursday night, as both Duke and the University of Maryland were trying to hold on to make it to the elite 8 (neither did). On Demand and Hulu will help the numbers for The Catch, and help Shonda fans catch up.

Where The Catch will fall in the schedule of the universe according to Shonda Rhimes, it’s hard to say, and mid-season fill-ins need to find their place, but with all Shonda Rhimes productions, get in early or binge-watch, as there are always little details that are so easy to miss,

Shonda Rhimes has not had a miss yet, and with just the sheer attractiveness level of the cast, they are worth watching on The Catch,

What is your favorite Shonda Rhimes show, and did you watch The Catch? What did you think?

[Photo by YouTube/ABC]