Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Renew Romance With Hot Flirty Fun: Sorry, Kourtney Kardashian & Hailey Baldwin

Joanne Eglash

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are together again, and Jelena fans are seeking all the details of how the former lovebirds are rekindling their love. After it seemed that the 22-year-old pop idol was keeping it casual with girlfriends such as Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin while Selena was looking for love in all the wrong places, Gomez and the Biebs are back together.

Jelena sightings range from backstage at one of his recent concerts to hot hotel dates, according to She Knows, which cited an insider who had observed the couple at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel prior to the appearance of Selena at her on-again boyfriend's concert.

"They appeared flirty and very touchy-feely. They seemed very close, and you could tell there was some obvious sexual chemistry between them. They were mostly alone when together, preferring to spend time with each other than anyone else."

"Selena and Wiz have never hooked up," emphasized the insider. "She has heard the rumors, and nothing against Wiz, but that never happened or will happen."

If The Montage sounds familiar in reference to Jelena, it's because it is the location where he serenaded Gomez with a sweet rendition of "My Girl" on the piano late last year.

That adorable serenade was followed recently by a throwback photo posted by the Biebs showing the singer passionately kissing Selena, as The Inquisitr reported.

"Perfect," posted Selena.

And that's not all that's perfect for Jelena right now because a source told Hollywood Life that Easter is going to bring more than chocolate bunnies for the lovebirds.

"He anticipates to be back in LA soon after his show in Fresno on Saturday and be with [Gomez] until he has to go back on tour on the 29th. He wants a mini stay-cation in LA with [Selena]," explained the insider.

As for where all this leaves Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin, who also have hooked up recently with Justin? If the Biebs takes the advice of Chris Brown, he'll focus on Selena and stop stringing along Kourtney and Hailey, according to sources cited by Movie News Guide.

Selena seems on board with that plan because she has been texting back and forth with the Biebs. In addition, all those throwback photos since they split touched her heart.

"[Gomez] absolutely loves it when Justin shows his affection to her in social media," revealed a source.

While Kourtney has sought to keep a low profile throughout her hookup with the Biebs, her sister Kim Kardashian is now angry enough to take action after the news that Kourt's boy toy seems to have dumped her for Selena, as The Inquisitr noted.

As for whether the rumor that Kardashian is having a Biebs baby is true, speculation has been swirling about the legitimacy of the claims.

With Chris Brown telling the Biebs to be true to Gomez and Kim helping Kourtney heal her broken heart, that leaves Hailey Baldwin with no one to defend her, and she's feeling hurt, an insider revealed to Hollywood Life.

Observing Bieber rekindle his romance with Selena is painful for Baldwin, and Hailey is recognizing that when it comes to getting him to make a commitment, she's failed and Gomez has won.

"Hailey is in such a tough spot," explained the insider. "She would love to be the only woman in his life but she just can't force him to commit... It hurts her a lot more than she lets on. This whole thing with Selena is agonizing for her."

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