New Web Ad Accuses President Obama Of Racism [Video]

A new web ad released by the superPAC FightBigotry accuses President Obama of promoting racism against white people, according to the Huffington Post.

The superPAC says Obama has gotten off scot-free for “his disturbing, yet crystal-clear pattern of tacitly defending black racism against white folks before and since being elected president.”

The web ad also goes on to say that Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration’s critics are motivated by race. The narrator says,

“Implying that whites are too stupid to have honest disagreements with the president without being racist is, in and of itself, racist against whites.”

The ad draws on an article written in the New York Times in December 2011 in which Holder told a reporter that critics were “conflating things, conveniently leaving stuff out, construing thins to make it seem not quite what it was.”

FightBigotry was founded by Republican media consultant and opposition researcher Stephen Marks, who wrote a book called Confessions of a Political Hitman in 2008. Marks has worked on election ads for more than 15 years, and helped former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay find negative information on Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle.

In his book, Marks wrote,

“I assassinate them [politicians] with their own words and deeds, digging dirt wherever I can find it.”

FightBigotry’s website says the group is “the SuperPAC that is releasing the most hard-hitting attack ad against President Obama on television this year,” and claims they are the only group to “connect the dots” about the president’s racism.

The web ad edits the “A More Perfect Union” speech Obama gave when he was still a Chicago senator, during the controversy surrounding his relationship with his former pastor Jeremiah Wright. The ad makes it seem as if the president condoned Wright’s comments, when Obama said several times that he did not agree with the reverend. It also alleges that Obama dismissed his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, as a “typical white person,” when he was trying to explain that she was “a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made [him] cringe.”

The ad ends with the narrator saying,

“Mr. President, you ran as the candidate of change. But one thing has not changed—your tacit defense of racism against white folks, despite receiving nearly half the white vote to win the presidency.”

Obama won the 2008 election with 96 percent of the black vote and 43 percent of the white vote. That was the largest percentage of white support of a Democrat in a two-man election race since 1976. It was four percentage points below what Jimmy Carter scored in 1976, and tied what Bill Clinton won in a three-man election race in 1996.

Do you agree or disagree with FightBigotry’s web ad accusing President Obama of racism?