Louisiana Bishop Plans To Seal Himself Inside Coffin For Three Days To Recreate Resurrection

Bishop Rickey Moore is taking an extreme approach to recreate the Resurrection in 2016. According to KSLA-12, Bishop Moore with Sunrise Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA won’t just be preaching about the Resurrection this Easter. He’s making a gratuitous effort to recreate the series of events surrounding the Resurrection by sealing himself inside a coffin for three days before rising on Easter Sunday.

It has been reported that the four-part dramatization, which includes Jesus’ trial, the garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion, and the entombment, is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. on Friday, March 25. Bishop Moore has revealed he had a vision that would capture the attention of the city.

“I had a vision about how I could get this city’s attention,” said Bishop Moore. “The Lord gave me a vision and because of the vision he gave me I stepped out on faith.”

According to the Shreveport Times, the Sunrise Baptist Church Resurrection dramatization is quite different from most reenactments, as it is in 3D. Bishop Moore explained the reason behind the visual interpretation. He wants people to have the closest thing to a first-hand experience as they can get.

“It’s in 3D. It’s going to be just like you’re there,” he explained.

As expected, his Resurrection plan has sparked controversy, and many social media users have questioned how he could possibly pull off being sealed inside a coffin for three days. In fact, some Facebook users have criticized Bishop Moore describing his actions as “extreme” and “sacrilegious,” according to WDAM.

“Just in case you weren’t moved by Jesus dying for you Bishop Rickey Moore is going to do too….. Not resurrect….. Just die….. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen since Tuesday!!!!” one Facebook user said in a viral post about the upcoming Resurrection service.

Facebook Post - Bishop Rickey Moore

The viral Facebook post has caught the attention of other social media users with similar sentiments. Without adequate levels of oxygen, many people have asked how Bishop Moore will survive. In addition to the lack of oxygen in a sealed coffin, Bishop Moore will also be without food, water, or access to a restroom for three days. When asked about the planning that took place for this seemingly impossible feat and how he’ll survive, he refused to reveal the inner workings of the Resurrection dramatization in an effort to draw more people by piquing their curiosity.

“You’ll have to come here and you’ll have to see,” he remarked.

However, Bishop Moore has revealed he’ll be fasting and praying while sealed inside the coffin.

Although he’s been met with criticism for his actions, he has adamantly made it clear that his intent is not trying to be compared to Jesus.

“I would like to get this straight, I’m not Jesus, no where near him,” said Bishop Moore. “I’ve made many, many mistakes. I’m not perfect. It is our aim to get people to come here and when they come here we want to witness to them. If it takes people talking about me and criticizing me for trying to remind them of what Jesus did, I don’t mind wearing my crown.”

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