A Korean Taylor Swift? Watch As Beauty Blogger Transforms Herself Into The Superstar

Taylor Swift has one of the most iconic looks in stardom, with her winged eyeliner and bright red, classic lipstick. It’s pretty difficult to copy, but one South Korean beauty blogger has pulled it off. Even with their differences in skin pigments, eyes, and hair, the transformation is incredible.

The blogger’s name is Park Hye Min, and she’s a YouTube makeup artist who has made her fortune and fame with her contouring tutorials branded as Pony Makeup, showing fans how to recreate some of the most iconic looks. She took on this transformation with just a few tweaks to her natural appearance, and the result is stunning.

The video shows her first using a moisturizing cream from Illamasqua before she applies any of her makeup. It moves on to show her adding her own seamless foundation. It’s pale in color, much paler than her natural skin tone.

She follows the foundation with concealer, which she applies with a sponge under her eyes and around her nose to give her skin an extra light look and a shine. She lightens the look further by using a contouring stick around her chin, under her eyes, and around her nose. She uses a dark contour stick around the edges of her face to give the look more depth and make her skin look more like that of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's smoky eye makeup and classic red lips are her signature. Her skin tone and face structure are also fairly unique in the celebrity world. It's not an easy look to pull off, but compare this photograph to the finished product in the video. Not bad, right? (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012)

Park blends the foundation elements together with a brush and a powder to take away the shine. Her eyebrows are naturally a dark brown, so to make them like Taylor’s, she uses a brow tint to define the shape and turn them a strawberry blonde. They’re much fuller when she finishes.

Hye Min’s nose is much different than Taylor’s, and you might think there’s no hope for that, but the beauty blogger even has a solution here. She uses a contouring pencil to draw shadows around her nostrils and the bridge of her nose so that it looks more like Taylor Swift’s. This is the contour makeup in action.

By this point, the skin and eyebrows are looking very much like T-Swift. She’s even donned blue contacts to make her eyes a different color. All that’s left is the iconic makeup.

Park uses several kinds of eyeliner to create the classic wing-tipped look that Taylor is never seen without. She also uses dark and gold eye shadow to create the classic smoky eye. Fake, long, curled eyelashes complete the eyes, and looking into those blue contact lenses, you’d think you were looking right into the superstar’s soul.

Finally, Park applies the classic red lipstick and extra-contoured lips shape with a lip liner and a classic red lipstick. She also adds a little blush to give her cheeks more definition and adds some finishing touches to the rest of the look. A blonde Taylor Swift wig finishes off the look, and we’re looking at one of the best copycats of T-Swift the internet has ever seen. She even poses for the camera with Taylor’s signature pout. Watch the full video below.

It’s a pretty impressive transformation since the blogger began the video with a darker skin tone, rainbow-colored hair, and brown eyebrows. If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was Taylor Swift walking down the street and not Park.

[Image via Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]