‘Star Wars’ on LEGO, “Battlefront III” Secret Plans And Mark Hamill Sightings

Star Wars on LEGO is Star Wars on steroids. To illustrate, LEGO: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled for release on June 28, according to an earlier Inquisitr report and it “…will add to the formula with new gameplay features, including the enhanced “Multi-Builds” system. This allows players to choose from multiple building options to open up one path, destroy the build, and build something new to open up another. Additionally, players will be introduced to a new mode, called Blaster Battle, along with arena-based battle space dogfights.”

In addition, the new LEGO Star Wars will feature the original voices of the actors, particularly, Daisy Ridley, who plays the gritty scavenger Rey. This extra touch certainly adds authenticity to the LEGO game. As if all these extra features were not enough, the game is being used by rights owners of the Star Wars franchise to bridge the gap between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens episodes.

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Extra icing on the cake is original scripting supplied by Lucasfilm to fill in the gaps in The Force Awakens movie, such as what happened to C-3PO’s arm, and other extra details that didn’t make the final cut of the latest Star Wars film. For more details, LEGO aficionados can head to The Verge right now.

What a treat. After a decade of waiting, LEGO Star Wars is back on its feet; and naturally, gamers can hardly wait until June to get their hands back on the pedals. Another game, namely, Star Wars Battlefront III is presently under construction in a galaxy far, far away. Who knows, the hideout could be a secret base or a Death Star out of reach of the space opera’s patent owners.

The shooter game Star Wars Battlefront III never saw the light of day, but thanks to the heroic efforts of some hardcore followers, recovery work is underway. Get more details on the mysterious game at Wikipedia, or search Inquisitr for extra information on how a Fan Alliance will bring everything to fruition.

In other news, Mark Hamill has been seen making the rounds recently to speak out about alter ego Luke Skywalker, putting a big “why” on the faces of the space opera’s legions of fans. On one occasion, he laments not having anything to say in The Force Awakens, as reported in Radio Times. As it turns out, Hamill was just trying to be himself while at the same time being extra helpful to Star Wars fans by trolling their tweets on Twitter, according to Yahoo.

The same source also caught the Skywalker actor watching Superman v Batman. Finally, for those who don’t want any Star Wars Episode VIII spoilers, stop reading right here.

Those who don’t mind and wish to continue, here are a few of the latest Episode VIII spoilers, courtesy of Slash Film, as follows. Firstly, the nature of the Laura Dern character has been revealed in a graphic scene description. Secondly, despite the extreme secrecy in the making of the next Star Wars episode, an amateur videographer has managed to capture a scene about a spaceship going bonkers with extras fleeing the setting.

It’s amazing how despite director Rian Johnson’s tight lips, someone still manages to slip through the cracks. With reports just in that Superman v Batman is breaking box office records, Star Wars fans are wondering if the blockbuster will come close to breaking the records set by The Force Awakens. Disney, with the help of Zootopia, has apparently hit its $1 billion revenue faster this year than any other year on record. Clearly, The Force is with the entertainment empire for 2016, reports Variety.

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