Blac Chyna Celebrates Rob Kardashian’s Birthday With Her Son King Cairo At Legoland

Blac Chyna made her boyfriend Rob Kardashian remember his 29th birthday forever. According to Hollywood Life, the former exotic performer started giving Rob pleasure from the second he woke up on March 17.

And what better way to please your boyfriend first thing in the morning than treat him to breakfast in bed? And that’s exactly what Blac Chyna did. Then, the lovebirds, who started dating earlier this year, had a day full of shopping, treats and cakes ahead of them.

Rob’s special day started with his favorite morning meal delivered straight to his bed on a tray. Blac Chyna cooked scrambled eggs with bacon, sausages and a small croissant, and she brought him a cup of herbal tea to wash it all down. But, why not start the morning with a glass of wine or champagne? It’s Rob’s birthday, after all.

Here’s why: nobody pours wine or champagne into personalized mugs. Unless it’s a personalized glass, of course. But Blac Chyna decided to start her boyfriend’s day off with a personalized mug that said “Robert” on it.

After breakfast in bed, Blac Chyna took her boyfriend shopping, judging by the exotic performer’s Snapchats taken inside a store. And while it’s unclear what Chyna bought for Rob’s birthday, it must have been something cool.

But just because it was Rob’s birthday, it didn’t mean that Blac Chyna forgot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The 28-year-old model wore a headband that featured giant green clovers.

The next stop for the lovebirds was a nail salon. And while the idea to go to a nail salon on Rob’s birthday was most likely proposed by Blac Chyna, the only male of the famous reality TV family looked happy. And who wouldn’t be happy to be treated to mani-pedis? The lovebirds even treated themselves to Mimosas while getting their manicures and pedicures done.

But there’s one birthday gift that was revealed by Blac Chyna (apart from that sweet breakfast in bed), and that’s a cake that said, “Happy Birthday Rob” and had frosting shaped like his “I Love You” Arthur George socks. This way, Chyna was showing her support for Rob’s growing business.

Blac Chyna began treating her boyfriend to the extra dose of love hours before his birthday, as the two started celebrating Rob’s 29th birthday in Legoland on March 16, according to Hollywood Life.

Blac Chyna even found time to take a Snapchat video of them. In the video, Chyna looked as happy as ever and got Rob in the shot. The exotic performer then received a kiss on the neck from the brother of Kim Kardashian West, and looked even happier than seconds ago.

Rob shared two photos from their trip to Legoland via his Instagram account. In one of the photos, the sweet couple was standing in front of a huge Lego house, with Blac Chyna seemingly blocking Rob’s way.

“Pre Birthday Turn up”

In the second photo, Blac Chyna and Rob are both photographed with only their heads sticking out of a Lego lion’s mouth.

Blac Chyna’s son, King Cairo, whose father is famous rapper Tyga, spent the day with Rob and Chyna in Legoland. Earlier this year, Tyga expressed his concerns that his son was being negatively influenced by Blac Chyna’s behavior. His concerns came just a day after King Cairo’s mother was arrested for being drunk and disorderly on January 29.

In the photos taken during Rob Kardashian’s birthday celebrations, it looks like King Cairo was treated to a fantastic day’s fun at Legoland.

[Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP]