Brooks Ayers Admits Forging Cancer Records Amid RHOC Drama: Vicki Gunvalson Talks ‘Real Housewives’ Real Truth

Following a season of Real Housewives Of Orange County that often turned into Real Drama Of Brooks Ayers & Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks finally is opening up about the controversy over his claims that he had cancer. Ayers wants the public to understand his side of the story, he told People.

The new confession comes after revealing that he did alter medical records concerning having cancer. Brooks made that initial admission in November, but now Ayers wants viewers of RHOC to understand his justification for forgery.

According to Brooks, the result of starring for four seasons on Real Housewives of Orange County not only subjected him to “ridicule and hate” but also proved the demise of his romance with Vicki Gunvalson.

“I have made my share of mistakes which I regret,” emphasized Ayers. “I pride myself in apologizing when I am wrong or have wronged others either intentionally or unintentionally.”

However, Brooks contends that he was portrayed in a variety of ways that contradict what he sees as the reality, and he links the public’s hostile attitude toward him to how Real Housewives Of Orange County made him appear during his relationship with Gunvalson.

Vicki Gunvalson tells her RHOC truth.

“Through the first five years of dating Vicki, I was coined as a con man, low life, gold digger, dead beat, etc.,” complained Ayers. “Nothing could be further from the truth in reality, yet this alone makes for great TV and for controversy.”

In his November confession, Brooks revealed that he had committed forgery on documents in order to make it looks as if he had been treated as a patient at City Of Hope, a cancer hospital. Ayers then apologized but defended himself by stating that he forged the documents in order to protect his privacy and not show his actual medical records to the public.

Brooks finally made that confession about forgery only after Gunvalson became the center of controversy over Ayers’ claims that he had been diagnosed with cancer. The doubts of other RHOC stars turned into the biggest storyline of that season.

Megan, Heather, and Shannon dish about Brooks.

Ayers now says that he received a diagnosis of stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013. He insists that he did not want to disclose that cancer diagnosis, although Brooks said he did let Vicki in on his secret but requested that she not tell anyone else. Ayers also contradicted rumors that Gunvalson had suggested that he exploit his condition to beef up his storyline on Real Housewives Of Orange County and also denied that Vicki had been the one to encourage him to alter the medical documents.

“However, Vicki felt compelled to share a private email later that night with Tamra Judge and Lauri Peterson along with a text to Shannon Beador asking for all of their support during this time rather than conflict. I was not okay with that at all when I found out about it, however the information about my diagnosis was out,” recalled Ayers.

Vicki Gunvalson often found herself arguing with her RHOC cast mates about Brooks.

Brooks blames Vicki’s pals for adding so much stress to their relationship. They ended their relationship in July 2015. But Ayers does emphasize that Gunvalson is innocent.

“Vicki was not ‘in on any cancer scam or created storyline.’ There is no scam. Second, Vicki never has paid me to be quiet regarding this ‘supposed’ scam nor has paid me to release any statements.”

In response, Gunvalson expressed her appreciation for backing up her previous statements that no scam existed.

“I would like to thank Brooks for once and for all speaking out on this, and for reiterating what I have said numerous times,” Gunvalson confirmed. “Over the last year I have been bullied, belittled, and humiliated by viewers, the media, and my so called ‘friends’. I am not now, nor have I ever been involved in covering for Brooks.”

As The Real Housewives of Orange County celebrates its 10-year history, Vicki got candid about her experience with Entertainment Weekly.

“I really never thought it was going to amount to anything,” revealed Gunvalson, who stands alone as the only original Housewife who survived to today.

And Vicki is open about the truth of how the show has changed.

“At that time, it was about inspiring women, being a successful woman and managing all I did,” recalled Gunvalson. “Fast-forward 10 years later, it’s not focused on that, unfortunately — it’s focused more on drama.”

However, Vicki vows that she’s keeping the reality show real.

“I want to have a great-a** time, and I really don’t want to fight. I want to have a great show, and I want to have great friends on it,” reflected Gunvalson. “I know my truth, I know I’m a lot of fun, and I know I can produce a great show — and it’s always going to be real.”

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