‘Missing’ Long Island Swimmer Faked His Own Death, Angry Wife Says

Massapequa, NY — A Long Island man who was reported missing after a beach swim and later located down south, as we reported earlier, is said to have faked his death to collect on life insurance — or so says his very angry wife.

As you can imagine, the Long Island man, 47-year-old Raymond Roth, upset his wife tremendously by apparently dying during a weekend swim at local summer hotspot Jones Beach. In our earlier report, we indicated that Roth’s wife truly believed he’d died during his apparently ill-fated swim in the waters off Jones Beach.

But Roth’s wife Evana, grieving what she believed was his death, soon uncovered a sloppy trail of evidence indicating that not only had her husband tricked her into believing he’d died, but that he’d sent his 22-year-old son several emails planning the scheme for months in order to sneak off into a new life.

So now Evana is trying to process the fact that not only did she believe her husband was dead unnecessarily for four days, but that he actually left their marriage in a very callous way. She tells the Post:

“This is a terrible nightmare that I just want to wake up from… Why did he do this? I think I’m just numb… he withdrew money from all my accounts.”

The emails discovered by Raymond Roth’s wife Evana were indicative of a plan to escape, as well as one to defraud her of joint marital assets — which is not even considering the apparent insurance fraud, after Roth allegedly tripled the value of his life insurance. To his son, Roth said:

“I need to get to the bank for cash for the trip… about the jewelry we spoke of yesterday, you need to whisper in [a relative’s] ear about it and do not worry she will get it,” and, “tell [another relative] i handed you the papers — then you JUST noticed that there was an envelope with [his] name on it (the last Will and Testemnet [sic]) then hand it to him.”

No charges have yet been filed again Raymond Roth for the scheme.