‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Loses Her Battle With The Bottle And Risks Losing Her Family — Her Behavior Drives Bill To Brooke For Comfort?

What’s next for Bill (Don Diamont), Katie (Heather Tom), and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Long) on The Bold and the Beautiful? It looks like coming up in the next few episodes, Katie will lose her battle with the bottle, and it could place her marriage in serious jeopardy. The audience has watched as Brooke almost seems like she is waiting for the chance to pounce on Bill, the minute that he decides he cannot handle Katie’s insecurities anymore, and comes to her for comfort.

In Katie’s eyes, she doesn’t have a drinking problem because she believes that putting her drink down will be simple. To her surprise, when she tried to give up the bottle, it wasn’t as easy as she thought, reported Soap Opera Digest. Katie is left feeling stressed, upset, and shocked at the realization that she could be an alcoholic, after all.

Katie doesn’t think she has a problem. She doesn’t think she’s an alcoholic. She thinks that she is probably depressed and is having some issues with that. She also wants to get people off her back, and knows doing this is the only way to accomplish that.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Katie feels like there’s something about Bill and Brooke’s connection that doesn’t make sense. In her mind, Brooke wouldn’t be so determined to be there for her husband, if he didn’t give her some hope that they may be together one day. Of course, Brooke denied it and told her sister that she loved and supported her; however, she needs to put down the bottle and deal with her emotions.

In a confrontation with her sister, Brooke, Katie promised to stop drinking and face her feelings. She pledged to see her therapist and get advice about how to handle her insecurities about Brooke’s unique friendship with Bill. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease she will soon learn that accepting her sister’s relationship with her husband is only a small part of the emotional battle she will soon face. Her toughest adversary will be her drinking problem, and it proves tough for her to move past it.

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Katie’s drinking habit will not get any better over the next few weeks, and her fears about her marriage only intensified her drinking. After some time, Katie learns to accept Bill and Brooke’s friendship; however, by that time, she realizes that she is entirely dependent on alcohol to get through the day.

Katie thinks, ‘I’ve got it under control. Today is going to be different. I’m going to make a different choice.’ But by the end of the day, she’s thinking, ‘Well, just a glass here and I’ll do it tomorrow.’ Her motto right now is deny, deny, deny — and any kind of suggestion that she has a deeper problem puts her on the defensive. I guess we’ll see if she’s really able to kick this habit for good.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Brooke approached Katie about her increased drinking, and she apologized to her for her behavior and vowed to stop drinking. The sisters locked horns yet again about Bill, and in the end, Brooke claimed she only wanted everyone to be happy, including Katie. She told Brooke that she’d stop drinking, and she doesn’t need to worry about her anymore.

The biggest mystery in this storyline is how Bill will react when he learns that his wife can’t kick her drinking habit. He has tried his best to be a supportive husband, but he will have his limits. Not only does he have his own needs to consider, but he has their son, Will (Zane Achor), to think about in this mess. Will Bill continue to be supportive of Katie’s drinking problem, or will he get fed up and leave her for good. And, if he leaves her, will he take her son from her leaving her all alone?

It seems unlikely that Bill would leave Katie just so he can rekindle his romance with Brooke; however, on The Bold and the Beautiful anything is possible. Voice your opinion about the CBS daytime drama in the comments below and come back to the Inquisitr for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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