Sinkhole Scares Reporter On Live TV [Video]

A reporter in China covering a story about a sinkholes that opened up earlier this week had a little scare of her own.

The reporter can be seen standing in front of a large sinkhole in China when another massive chunk of sidewalk disappears.

Unsurprisingly, the reporter got a little scared.

According to Fox News, the sinkhole that the woman was reporting on had killed a man earlier in the week. (You can see that video below.) A closed circuit camera caught the man walking down the sidewalk when the ground disappeared beneath him.

Authorities in Taiwan said that torrential rains washed out the supports beneath the walk.

This isn’t the first time that a sinkhole has caused death, injury, or fear in China. Earlier this year, nearly 1000 people had to be evacuated from southern China when a large sinkhole opened up and threatened several homes. In April, a CCT camera captured another hole opening up in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province in April.

But China isn’t the only place in the world having trouble with sinkholes.

Earlier this week, a giant hole opened up in Brooklyn. ABC reports that the 20 by 20 foot hole was created after a water line broke and eroded the soil beneath the street.

Here’s the reporter of the sinkhole scaring the reporter on live TV.

Here’s a video showing the first sinkhole. (This video is slightly disturbing. A man disappears into the hole and eventually died from his injuries.)