Jennifer Lopez Forgets Steven Van Zandt’s Name On ‘Idol,’ Gets Slammed On Twitter By His Wife [Video]

On Thursday, March 24, not only did Jennifer Lopez not enjoy the performance of contestant, Mackenzie Bourg, but she also forgot the name of his American Idol mentor, Steven Van Zandt, leading to an attack by his wife on Twitter.

Van Zandt is a long-time guitarist with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and a former star of the popular Sopranos series. He was invited by in-house mentor and Big Machine Records head Scott Borchetta to mentor the remaining top five American Idol contestants through the theme of classic rock songs.

Jennifer Lopez
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After Mackenzie Bourg blasted out his version of Cheap Trick’s song “I Want You to Want Me,” Jennifer Lopez was the first to comment, saying while she loves the song, she wasn’t a fan of the version Mackenzie performed live on stage. Lopez went on to say that while Bourg had “Mackenzie’d” the song, she just didn’t love the performance.

She said she would have loved to hear his version before his mentor changed it, saying, “I would have liked to have heard what you did originally before…uh, uh… mentor?”

While explaining her reasoning, she then attempted to refer to the American Idol mentor, Steven Van Zandt, but she went completely blank trying to recall his name. She then had to be prompted by Keith Urban and the other judges, much to the ire of the good man’s wife.

You can hear Mackenzie Bourg singing his version of “I Want You To Want Me,” followed by JLo’s unfortunate memory lapse, in the video included here.

This enraged Van Zandt’s wife, Maureen, who was watching American Idol at the time and immediately headed to Twitter to express her anger at the fact JLo had forgotten his name.

According to Celebuzz, she even went on to say in one of her tweets, “Really @JLo needs to f**k off.”

Another of her tweets reportedly referred to Jennifer Lopez as being “an idiot,” and yet another said, “her poor tiny brain simply would not handle it.” However, most of the tweets have now been removed from her Twitter page.

Jennifer Lopez
[Image screengrab via Twitter]

She also went on to say in her many and various tweets that Jennifer Lopez “shows how little homework she does. Or how little she retains” and that “Stevie did not do that arrangement,” ending by saying of JLo that “she knows nothing about the rock world. And is a music judge?”

@mjsbigblog @MichaelSlezakTV @JLo she knows nothing about the rock world. And is a music judge?

— Maureen Van Zandt (@MVZaGoGo) March 25, 2016

It seems Mackenzie’s version of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me” didn’t go down well with the others either, saying the song could have used a whole lot more energy.

While it looks like most of the angry tweets have since been removed, it must have stung JLo. To err is human, of course, and by coincidence, People is quoting Jennifer Lopez as saying American Idol made her “feel more human.”

Saying she is sad the show in coming to an end, Lopez said, “I truly love it, and I think America loves it – and that’s why it’s been [on] so long,” adding, “To see it reach its end is sad.”

You can watch Jennifer Lopez’s interview with People in the video included below.

Meanwhile, talking Twitter, Jennifer Lopez, and people getting angry, the Inquisitr recently theorized that JLo’s Twitter feed had been hacked and that the singer did not send a “nasty” tweet to Mariah Carey.

While Carey was telling her fans that she thought it was not a good idea to perform in Brussels after the recent ISIS terror attacks in that city, JLo was accused of sending a tweet that allegedly read, “@MariahCarey ISIS only targets places where there are a lot of people so I think your concert will be okay. Good luck hitting those notes!”

Lopez firmly denied sending such a nasty tweet and that it was obviously a fake.

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