'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale: The Very First Official Look At Negan And Lucille [Video]

The very first official video footage of Negan in Season 6 of The Walking Dead has finally hit some TV screens. Recently, FOX UK aired a Season 6 finale video that showed not only Negan, but also his infamous baseball bat called Lucille. While that video was quickly removed, now episode 15 has aired, the video has officially been uploaded to AMC's website.

Spoiler alert: This article discusses Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Also being discussed are the comic books this series is based on. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Originally, the video was leaked on FOX UK's Facebook page, however was later removed. The video runs for less than 30 seconds but is brimming with Season 6 finale information as well as the very first appearance of the Walking Dead's biggest villain to date: Negan. While fans don't get a glimpse of Negan's (to be played by Supernatural alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan) face, comic book fans are rewarded with the sight of Negan's baseball bat, Lucille. The clip also shows several images that coincide with recent Season 6 artwork titled "A Larger World":

The Walking Dead Season 6 promo pic A Larger World
[Image via AMC]The video clip starts with Rick's group being stopped by what appears to be another of Negan's groups. A man is lying on the ground, but it is unclear who it is. However, considering Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is trying to negotiate, it is likely the person on the ground either belongs to Alexandria or Jesus' (Tom Payne) group, the Hilltop Colony.

The Walking Dead Fox UK season 6 finale image 1
[Image via AMC/FOX UK]There are flashes of chained-up walkers threatening Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs), and Aaron (Ross Marquand). It appears the walkers are chained up as a way of preventing cars from accessing the road they are blocking. Aaron is also shown having to retreat as bullets rain down on him. Is this the entrance to Negan's inner sanctum perhaps?

Walking Dead fans also get another glimpse of Morgan (Lennie James) on a horse, an image that was teased in the latest Season 6 artwork but is yet to eventuate. Just what Morgan is looking for or why he is on horseback is yet to be explained.

There is one very brief moment (at the 0.12-second mark) when a swinging rosary is seen in the hand of what appears to be a man. Is this Carol's (Melissa McBride) rosary? Is it in the hands of Negan? If so, then this doesn't bode well at all for Carol's fate in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Could Carol Peletier possibly meet the fate of Glenn Rhee in the comic book series?

Several shots in the video also show Rick's group in what appears to be new territory. And then the moment every Walking Dead comic book fan has been waiting for and every TV fan has been nervously anticipating.

Yes, that's Negan, as confirmed by the voice over in the sneak peek clip. Added to this is the second visual below of Negan's bat he has so fondly named Lucille.

So here's your very first glimpse of Negan from episode 16 of The Walking Dead:

What do you think of the sneak peek into the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead? Are you excited or scared about the arrival of Negan? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Season 6 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 16 (titled "Last Day on Earth") on Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET. The Season 6 finale, as confirmed by Entertainment Weekly, will run for 90 minutes.

The official synopsis for the episode is as follows:

"To save one of their own, Rick's group must venture outside the walls; their experience changes their lives forever."
[Image via AMC]