Enraged Harry Styles Unfollowing Sharers of Kendall Jenner Pictures, Claims Journalist Who Tricked Louis Tomlinson’s Ex

Many people expressed anger after the iCloud of Harry Styles’ mum, Anne Twist, was hacked and holiday photographs showing Kendall Jenner and Harry canoodling started to circulate on social media.

Joshua Fox, the journalist who conned Louis Tomlinson’s ex, Eleanor Calder, and Liam Payne’s ex, Sophia Smith – leading them to believe they were having a personal catch-up when really he was scooping them for information he could write up in Now magazine, as reported by Unreality TV – has come forward to warn One Direction fans to stay on the right side of Harry! It appears the controversial journo is eager to protect Harry’s privacy, but he is less concerned about the privacy of certain 1D girlfriends he has a longtime personal relationship with.

Fox warned fans that Harry was unfollowing anyone who was sharing the pictures stolen from Anne’s private account. Perhaps the enterprising author hopes to secure an interview with Harry one day and is eager to redeem himself following accusations that he did not respect the privacy of Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith.

Fox was previously rewarded for his unethical efforts — he managed to get a scoop that Sophia thought Liam Payne’s new relationship with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was “weird,” as reported by Hollywood Life.

Meanwhile, fan reactions to the leaked pictures continue to flow thick and fast, with new theories and intricate readings of the matter emerging every day. Many initially suspected that the leak was part of a PR stunt, perhaps one designed to cover up the rumored lesbianism of stunning supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Some people thought Kendall’s mother, Kris Jenner, who is known to be extremely publicity-minded, was behind the leak.

Others thought Harry might be using Kendall to access information about Zayn Malik, with whom he is rumored to be feuding. Kendall is best friends with Zayn’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, and could certainly act as a conduit for Zayn gossip if this was something Harry was interested in.

Others said that Harry and Kendall’s affection seems more like a brother/sister kind, and reflected that Harry-lovers might just be desperate for him to be straight.

People thought the leak of the pictures might have been timed to coincide with Kendall Jenner’s new spread in Vogue magazine.

Others thought Harry seemed totally uninterested in Kendall, to the extent that he might even confuse her with one of her sisters.

Others just found the whole thing cute and heart-melting and felt happy to see Kendall and Harry, or “Hendall,” rising again and again.

In other Harry news, the curly-haired star was spotted shopping in LA yesterday, wearing skinny jeans, boots, and a Rolling Stones t-shirt.

Some cute pictorial tributes celebrating Harry’s tummy and many moods, and the bond between Harry and his One Direction brothers, have also started circulating on social media recently.

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)