NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Drafting Quarterback In Second Round

NFL rumors have been swirling around the Dallas Cowboys. With the draft coming up in April, people want to know what the team will do. Many are under the belief that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett are desperate enough to find a capable backup for Tony Romo that they will spend the fourth overall pick to make it happen. According to ESPN, however, Dallas might wait until the second round to find their quarterback of the future.

The Dallas Cowboys hold the fourth overall choice in the upcoming NFL Draft. While it’s tempting to draft North Dakota State Bison star Carson Wentz or California Golden Bears star Jared Goff if one of them is available, the Cowboys might be more tempted to fix their pass rush issues by choosing Ohio State Buckeyes star Joey Bosa. The 6’6″, 275 pound defensive end has a chance to be a game changer, and that type of players is hard to come by.

Joey Bosa [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]

A more responsible move by the Dallas Cowboys would be to draft Joey Bosa in the first round. He gives them a tremendous opportunity to finally generate a pass rush and protect their sub par secondary from being exposed. Since they’re gunning for a Super Bowl, that important fourth overall choice needs to be one someone that can play right away. With the 34th pick overall in the NFL Draft, the Cowboys can then choose Michigan State Spartans quarterback Connor Cook.

In Connor Cook, the Dallas Cowboys will be receiving a quarterback that won 34 games and lost only five. He has more victories than any other quarterback in the history of the Michigan State Spartans. Cook beat out Kirk Cousins, who is now the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Cousins had 27 victories in college. Cook knows how to win football games on the college level, so there’s a chance he can learn to do the same in the NFL.

NFL rookie Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz [Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images]

One of the issues with Connor Cook is that he was not a team captain for the Michigan State Spartans. Generally, you want a quarterback to earn that honor. Leadership is a required skill for the position, especially in the NFL. Fortunately the Dallas Cowboys, they have plenty of leaders. With Tony Romo still around, Cook, who is just 23 years old, can learn what it takes to become a leader on the professional level.

While Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are the talk of the town in the NFL Draft, many are under the belief that Connor Cook might be the best prospect because he faced stiff competition in the NCAA and ran a complex pro style offense with the Michigan State Spartans. Goff is being criticized for being a spread offense quarterback, while Wentz didn’t exactly play against the top competition because he attended a very small school.

Jared Goff [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]

One of the reasons the Dallas Cowboys failed to find a competent backup is that their offensive scheme is a bit complicated. Cowboys offensive coordinator was able to expand his playbook because Tony Romo is one of the smarter quarterbacks in the NFL. He is essentially a coach on the field. Dallas simplified things a bit when Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore were at the helm.

Connor Cook isn’t the sexiest selection as backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Many were hoping for Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel, Jared Goff, or Carson Wentz. However, with other holes to fill, the Cowboys should take the safer route by choosing Connor Cook after solidifying their defensive end position. Years from now, Cook might get to prove to Dallas fans that he was the right choice.

[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]