Florida Woman Filmed Sex With Dogs For Boyfriend

Chelsea Hoffman

A Florida woman has been arrested on accusations that she had sexual intercourse with her dogs, and there is even video evidence against her. The Huffington Post reports that 21-year-old Miranda Johns admitted to the sexually indecent behavior with her own pets, and even went as far as to talk about her plans to try an even bigger dog.

The Florida woman was arrested on Monday after authorities found several sexually explicit videos on the phone belonging to her boyfriend. This bizarre discovery was made while they were investigating an unrelated case in which her boyfriend was accused of sexually assaulting her. Kurtz Villavicencio told police that he did not sexually batter the 21-year-old woman, and showed them the multiple videos that Johns allegedly sent to him.

At least one police officer witnessed numerous video clips that showed the Florida woman engaging in sexual contact with her dogs. During several of the videos she allegedly lets the dogs perform oral sex on her. In at least one other video she allegedly attempts to get one of the dogs to "penetrate her vagina with his erect penis."

Miranda Johns told Florida authorities that her boyfriend had encouraged her to send the photos and videos of herself having sex with her dogs. She also told police that she and Villavicencio had planned on finding a bigger dog for her to have sex with as well.

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This latest Florida bestiality case has attracted a lot of attention on social media with people expressing disgust and outrage about the possibility of a woman "sexually assaulting" her own pets. Meanwhile, others have spoken out in defense of the Florida woman, declaring that her actions didn't hurt her animals, and that what she allegedly did has "caused no harm."

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[Photo via Collier County Sheriff's Office/Miranda Johns mugshot]