‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Season 11, Episode 17: It’s About To Get Hairy [Video]

Supernatural is coming back next week with episode 17, titled “Red Meat,” and things are about to transform into a hair raising good time. As if there ever wasn’t an episode of Supernatural that wasn’t a good time, though.

As reported by TV Guide, Sam and Dean Winchester are going back to the classic monsters in episode 17 and will face off with some werewolves. But in Supernatural, not everything is what it seems, nor does it adhere to classic folklore in regards to how they can die or how they can transform.

Before we get down to the real details of how “Red Meat” is going to play out, or at least the outline of episode 17, let’s just take a moment to recap where Supernatural has been on “the road so far.”

As of lately, according to Entertainment Weekly, Supernatural has been featuring a lot of “cases of the week,” meaning that the serialized theme for the season has been mostly absent, given a few exceptions. Fans can rest assured, though, that Sam and Dean will be back on the hunt for Castiel and Amara soon enough.

But the last episode was bittersweet for die-hard fans of Supernatural. That’s because it featured the return of Bobby and Rufus, but not on the current timeline. Bobby had come to a house a few years ago to help Rufus on a case that seemed to be a clear case of haunting or possession. The case turned out to be more of a problem than they had ever seen, at least in terms of their standard Supernatural monsters. That’s because they soon found out they were dealing with a soul eater who would snatch its victims soul out of their bodies and leave their “meat sacks” in a coma while it chowed down on the main course in a supernatural nest.

Fast forward to the Supernatural present where Sammy and Dean catch a case at that exact same house with the exact same issues going on. The finer details were a gray hand that would come out and snatch a child away and leave their body in a coma.

To the delight of all Supernatural fans, the two different cases played out in real time on parallel timelines. Most of the aspects of the two cases played out in nearly identical order, with a few minor differences. Sammy and Dean investigated the case in the same way that Bobby and Rufus did. They found the same information out and the cases were nearly the same in terms of supernatural “symptoms.”

In the end, they all came to the same conclusion, but Dean and Sammy got a little help from the former victim’s mother who had long since abandoned the supernatural house. As it turned out, Bobby had told her not to touch the wallpaper, which of course put Sam and Dean on a direct course straight for the house.

Of course, Sammy, the “idget,” goes straight for the wallpaper and pulls it back, revealing a sigil that Bobby used to trap the soul eater in the house and force it to leave the family alone. But the new owner was replacing the wallpaper and accidentally let the demon out of the bag.

But the two Supernatural heroes look for a more permanent solution to the problem and instead of just trapping it again, they decide to kill it instead, in the true Winchester way.

Episode 17 of Supernatural, “Red Meat,” will play out on a somewhat different playbook. Instead of battling the werewolf pack, they find themselves on the run after finding out how many there were. One of the werewolves even shoots Sam, which puts all of the rescue effort on Dean.

[Image via The CW]