Melissa McCarthy Says She Wasn’t Invited To ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Because The Network Thought She Was Too Busy

Melissa McCarthy has finally broken her silence on why she won’t appear in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, according to USA Today. Earlier this year, Netflix announced that the 2000s series would return as a limited show comprised of four 90-minutes episodes.

At the time Netflix issued its announcement about the Gilmore Girls revival, Melissa McCarthy’s name was missing from the list of cast members. A few days after the announcement, McCarthy responded to one of her fans on Twitter who asked about her absence in the list of returning cast members — with a joke.

A fan had the perfect reply.

But Melissa McCarthy has now given her reasonable explanation in her interview with E! Online. The 45-year-old actress revealed that she was never actually invited to return for Netflix’s revival.

“I didn’t actually get asked to do it. But I think they thought I was busy, and then by the time it did come up, then I actually was.”

And although Melissa McCarthy won’t make onscreen appearance in the upcoming series revival, she is “thrilled” that it’s happening. She also said that she loved the show in the 2000s and she thinks that Gilmore Girls‘ fans are “super loyal and great,” adding that she will watch every single one of new episodes.

When asked by E! Online if she would return as a cast member for the show if it were to last more than one season, Melissa McCarthy gave an unclear response, but it sure sounded like she wasn’t really enthusiastic about it. The Bridesmaids actress said she wants to “cook again,” and wants to “put salt and then stir.”

“That was seven years of my life and it was really great. I was proud of that show.”

While Melissa McCarthy is absent from the list of returning cast members, her former Gilmore Girls co-stars have already begun working on the revival project.

It seems that there are just as many controversies revolving around the recently-released first trailer for the revival of Ghostbusters as there are compliments. And while most fans are excited about the upcoming movie starring Melissa McCarthy, some say the plot was actually racist, according to USA Today.

In particular, fans didn’t like that Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones’ character is playing a stereotypical sassy black friend, while her three co-stars Melissa McCathy, Kristin Wiig, and Kate McKinnon’s characters are all brainy scientists.

Jones even went as far as threatening to quit Twitter over this whole situation. But in his recent interview with Empire magazine, Ghostbusters director Paul Feig revealed that Jones’ role was originally written for Melissa McCarthy.

“We had written the role with Melissa in mind, but then I thought I’ve seen Melissa play a brash, larger-than-life character. She’s done it in my movies before!”

Feig referred to Melissa McCarthy’s characters in both The Heat and Bridesmaids. The actress even received an Oscar nomination for her role in the latter. The writer also added that Jones is one of his “favorite people on the planet.”

“I don’t normally like comedy that’s big and loud, but she is able to pull that off in a way that feels real, and it’s her.”

Feig insisted that he wanted to “unleash” Jones on the public in the same way he “unleashed” Melissa McCarthy with Bridesmaids. But McCarthy ended up playing the role of scientist Abby Yates, while Jones plays that sassy friend of the foursome, Patty Tolan.

This week Feig even took to Twitter to ask Jones to not quit social media, saying that she is “a goddess & one of the warmest funniest forces of nature I know.”

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