Lisa Rinna Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Wig Accusation With Help From Caroline Stanbury

Does Lisa Rinna really wear a wig? On Thursday, Lisa finally responded to Brandi Glanville’s claim, made during a conversation with Yolanda Foster on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that Lisa wears a wig and that it must be all the glue from the wig that’s causing her to act irrationally towards Yolanda.

Lisa, who is currently in London, responded to Brandi’s claim with some help from a fellow Bravo reality TV star. Lisa and Caroline Stanbury, star of Ladies of London, took a photo in which Caroline is shown pulling Lisa’s hair. According to Caroline, Lisa is definitely not wearing a wig. “Wig? I think not,” Caroline wrote.

Lisa and Caroline apparently had a lot of fun together. Lisa wrote that it was “love at first sight” with Caroline Stanbury. Perhaps the two were sharing their experiences filming their respective shows and gossiping about their respective co-stars?

@carolinestanbury when London meets Beverly Hills love at first sight! ❤️ a hard day's night! ????

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Lisa Rinna has certainly given The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers a lot to talk about. Early on in the season, Lisa helped fuel speculation that Yolanda Foster doesn’t actually have Lyme disease but rather has Munchausen syndrome. During a chat with Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa said that she engaged in a conversation with someone who wondered if Yolanda has Munchausen. Lisa then went on to read the definition of Munchausen syndrome.

Later, Lisa accused Lisa V. of being manipulative. Shockingly, Lisa, during a talk with Eileen Davidson, claimed that it was Lisa V. who encouraged her to publicly bring up the speculation regarding Yolanda having Munchausen. Lisa added that Lisa V. and Kyle Richards talked amongst themselves about whether Yolanda was faking her disease and even giggled over all of Yolanda’s “sick selfies.” While Lisa admitted that it was she who said the Munchausen word, she was adamant that if Lisa V. had not called her and encouraged her to talk about Yolanda’s health, she wouldn’t have done so.

In a more recent episode, Lisa gave her opinion that while she believes that Yolanda is sick, Yolanda also uses that sickness to her advantage. Lisa took issue with the fact that Yolanda went out to lunch with former Real Housewives stars Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards but then canceled on Erika Girardi’s dinner party later on that day. Lisa believed that Yolanda was just using her illness as an excuse to not go to Erika’s party. Even after Yolanda explained to Lisa what happened, that she had already committed to lunch with Brandi and Kim and that she later realized that she didn’t have any more energy to continue on to Erika’s dinner, Lisa remained unconvinced.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Brandi made her first appearance of the season with a visit to Yolanda’s while the other housewives went off to Dubai. When Yolanda told Brandi that Lisa took issue with her having lunch with Brandi and Kim, Brandi immediately claimed that all the glue from Lisa’s wig must be affecting her brain.

“Well I think that wig glue is effecting her brain and she needs to check herself. That glue that she puts that wig on with is affecting her brain.”

Yolanda, taken aback, laughed and said that Lisa doesn’t wear a wig. Brandi, who made fun of Lisa at the Season 5 reunion show for having the same hairstyle for more than two decades, continued with her claim.

“Yes. It’s like one wig and one style. I want to get one and be her for Halloween. No, I’m not lying, she wears wigs.”

When Yolanda added that Lisa has been saying that she has Munchausen, Brandi gave her opinion that Lisa and the other housewives are preying on her now that she’s sick.

Brandi poked even more fun at Lisa in her confessional interview.

“Dear Lisa Rinna, get a f*****g life. Eat some food and stop talking about my friend. You have nothing else going on in your life. #straightjacket #realfriends #motherf—-r. Get some help.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi Glanville wrote in her blog recapping the episode that the women questioning Yolanda Foster’s illness, in particular Lisa Rinna, should be “ashamed” of themselves. Brandi also wrote that the other women didn’t question Yolanda’s illness until both she and Kim Richards were off the cast, implying that they’re now ganging up on Yolanda now that she’s an easier target.

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