Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Divorce: Son Josh's Sex Scandal Threatens To Destroy Their Marriage--Anna Duggar Allegedly Demands Pay Off?

Chrissie Williams

After 31 years, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are rumored to be headed to divorce court over the stress of Josh's sex scandal. The scandal not only affected Josh Duggar's marriage, but it took a toll on the family dynamic and Michelle's relationship with Jim Bob. Is it possible the gossip could be right; could the former TLC reality television stars be headed for divorce court?

Michelle has spent the last 31 years, or most of them, having babies every year or two. She has spent most of her adult life either pregnant or nursing. One could argue that it was the life she chose, and they'd be correct. However, Josh's sex scandal rocked the Duggar family and caused them to question their relationships and faith in God.

Jim Bob believes that Josh is completely cured, and Michelle, while she would never admit it publicly, understands why some family members don't want Josh around them or their children. It's splitting the family apart.

They rarely argue, but this one was a doozy. [Jim Bob] argued about putting family first and how Michelle needed to move on and put things in the past, and she stood her ground and said she was putting family first by being cautious. Michelle has actually raised her voice to Jim Bob, which never happens. It's gotten so bad that friends think this could destroy the marriage that no one ever thought could be broken.
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Is it possible that the family's Patriarch, Jim Bob, paid Anna a large sum of money to stay married? Will the family ever be able to repair their image and score another reality television show? Hollywood Life reached out to the Duggars to confirm the gossip about their marriage; they refused to comment. Voice your opinion about the Duggars in the comments below, and come back to The Inquistr for more Duggars gossip and news.

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