Paige VanZant Of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Reveals If She Would Take UFC Fight During Show

The new season of Dancing With the Stars just kicked off and UFC fighter Paige VanZant is on the show this season. This gorgeous fighter has her fans wondering if this means that she could end up doing a fight during the show and Paige is now speaking out about how this could go down. MMA Junkie got the chance to talk to Paige VanZant and find out exactly what her plan is for the next fight.

Paige VanZant is speaking out and sharing her thoughts on taking on another fight. She won’t be doing one during the show and that is her focus now, but Paige would totally accept a fight while she was on the show. The thing is Paige has one condition for that happening. Paige could be busy with the show until May, depending on how she does. Here is what Paige revealed about her conditions on taking another fight.

“I definitely would accept a fight. I’m still training while I’m out here. I’d give myself plenty of time to finish the show and then go into a full fight camp. I’m not going to rush myself or put myself in a bad position. But I’m a fighter first, so I’ll be ready to get back in the cage.”

This means it would be later in 2016 before you could be seeing Paige VanZant back in the octagon. Of course, Paige VanZant is very busy with DWTS, but she is still training for whatever her next fight might be, when she isn’t training for the show. Alpha Male founder Urijah Faber helped Paige find somewhere to train while she is in L.A. Paige shared the details about the gym he found for her.

“It’s been a great balance. Urijah set me up with an amazing gym down here and set me up with some great coaches. I just text them when I want to train and they get me in the gym. It’s amazing how I’ve been able to balance both sides of it. It’s been really easy so far, and I love that I can still train when I’m out here and I have such a supportive coach. Urijah has been amazing for my success in everything I’ve done, and he’s a big part of this as well.”

Last year Paige VanZant actually fought four times, so right now Paige isn’t preparing to fight a certain person. Instead she is working on technique and that is great for her. Paige is enjoying being able to slow down right now and things are going good for her. She actually started fighting in the UFC in 2014.

If you are wondering more about Paige VanZant, TMZ shared the news that she is very single. She was dating UFC fighter Cody Garbrandt, but they broke up back in September. Paige called herself “very single,” and also shared that Mark Ballas is engaged to a wonderful person so she won’t be dating him. Paige is into a guy with a great personality and doesn’t seem to care what their career is, so you never know who she will end up dating.

Do you think that Paige VanZant will end up taking a fight while on the show? Could she end up fighting right after the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss Paige on Dancing With the Stars on Monday nights on ABC. Fans can’t wait to see how she can dance and when she will end up fighting again.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for PANDORA Media]