Gwen Stefani Says New Album Is About ‘Being Happy, Something New For Me’

Gwen Stefani is known to write songs that are associated with the breakup of a romantic relationship. Going through a breakup or divorce is a hurtful experience and at the time, many people see it as an end of the world. In fact, Gwen’s newly released album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, contains a song titled “Misery” that talks about the pangs of anguish and grief after a breakup.

At first glance, the audience may feel like Gwen Stefani is appealing her fans to pull her out of the misery and persuading them to sympathize with her. However, Gwen stresses that the album is more about getting over a breakup and coming back to life. The songs from the album highlight different shades of emotions that one goes through while coping with a breakup. She feels that an end of a relationship must not make you angry and miserable as life is full of surprises, missteps and rebounds.

It seems that Gwen Stefani has never allowed her life to be a tragedy. Her life became challenging after giving birth to three children when, like all working mothers, she struggled to find the right balance between her personal life and her professional commitments including, in Gwen Stefani’s case, multiple concerts and music tours. To add to her woes, a shocking and unexpected divorce from her husband, Gavin Rossdale, had left her down in the dumps. In 2015, Gwen told People “My life just blew in my face.”

However, Gwen had faith in herself and she believed that it would be great to write a song that will help her to find a way out of depression. It was an incredible opportunity for her to turn her personal pain into something that could potentially speak to and inspire her fans. In an interview to NPR, Gwen Stefani spoke about the experience of writing her new album.

“The biggest evolution is to write. It’s so great to write a record that’s mainly about being happy, and that’s something new for me.”

She feels that songwriting connects her with people around the world by breaking down boundaries and language barriers. It enables her creativity to flow and affect people in a positive way. Ultimately, the key is to be honest about your emotions, and creative pursuits like writing will enable you to channelize these emotions towards the right direction. Additionally, co-artists like Pharell Williams provided emotional support to Gwen by collaborating with her to produce music that gave her the much needed positive direction.

However, the man who has helped Gwen Stefani to get back on her feet is Blake Shelton; the American singer who features as a coach on The Voice.

He was right by her side to cheer her when she was feeling devastated. Gwen Stefani said that Blake had also gone through a breakup and so he was able to understand the depth of her sorrow. This common bonding has enabled both of them to have a deep commitment towards each other. Additionally, Blake has blended well with Gwen’s family and this has allowed him to bond with her children as well. This is important for Gwen as she is very protective about her children. ET Online reported that Gwen Stefani couldn’t attend the 2016 Kid’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles as she was busy with her professional commitments in Tokyo. So she sent her sons to support Blake who was hosting the show.

She was so keen to watch Blake and support him that she got someone to FaceTime the show for her from the front row as she was having trouble livestreaming the show from Japan.

Gwen Stefani agrees that the hurt and trauma due to an unsuccessful marriage will linger on. However, her inner strength and her relationship with Blake will provide her with the much needed “sweet escape.”

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]