‘Paragon’ Developers Preview Sevarog, The Soul-Sucking Hero Coming To The MOBA Next Week


Paragon, the multiplayer online battle arena from Epic Games, is currently in early access and progressing quickly. Although the game will be completely free-to-play when the game launches, players wanting to enjoy the third-person shooter now can do so by purchasing a Founder’s Pack. Development of Paragon seems to be coming along nicely considering the game is only one week into its early access period and a new hero is already scheduled to release next week.

It is time for players to meet Sevarog, a melee tank versed in sucking up the souls of those he defeats in order to make himself stronger. In the brief preview on Epic Games’ Paragon website, players can get an idea of what it is like to play as Sevarog. With his giant hammer and focus on soul-eating, Sevarog physically grows bigger after devouring the souls of minions or other heroes. In the late game stages, Sevarog will be a towering powerhouse of strength and damage if played with skill.

Sevarog utilizes his Siphon ability to last-hit kill minions and suck their souls. Building up a healthy stack of souls makes Sevarog stronger and improves the damage Siphon does letting him take even more souls faster. His Phantom Rush ability lets Sevarog move about the Paragon battlefield quickly and unhindered through other units. It appears to be a good ability for getting away in tough situations or closing the gap on heroes just begging to be put down.

Phantom Rush becomes even more useful when paired with Subjugate. This ability lets Sevarog root an enemy at range while leaving them with a nasty slow afterward. Finally, the character’s ultimate ability, Colossal Blow, features Sevarog’s giant hammer knocking enemies away from the tank and into, hopefully, his team’s tower or other perils. All in all, Paragon players will find Sevarog to be a master of controlling the battlefield while becoming even more formidable as the match goes on. Sevarog will be available to play on March 29.

As promised when the early access period began just one week ago, developers will be adding new heroes, and cards are imminent, according to the PlayStation Blog. Sevarog is the first hero to be added to the game during its early access period with the Iggy and Scorch heroes to come soon thereafter.

As the Inquisitr reported, new heroes, new cards, and even events will occur during the game’s early access period. Heroes are tentatively scheduled to release every three weeks during the early access to Paragon, and it is important to note that the game will not be wiped before its release. Progress made during this early access period will continue through the game’s open beta and it will persist during its launch as well.

All the heroes, including new ones as they are released in Paragon, are free to the player keeping everyone on even ground with their options. Cards and in-game items that alter the way a hero plays are also not available for purchase and can only be earned by playing the game. The dedication to a fair gameplay experience seems to be paramount to Paragon developers and that focus is likely to continue once the MOBA releases later this year.

Paragon is due to launch on June 7 on PC and PlayStation 4. Buying a Founder’s Pack is the only way to ensure playing the game right now, but players can try Paragon out for free before its launch with invites to the closed beta weekends or by playing during the game’s open beta. Founder’s Packs for Paragon are set at three price points. The cheapest is just $20 with Master Challenges for three of the game’s heroes, while the $60 and $100 pack include even more Master Challenges, boosts, an exclusive skin, and an extra Founder’s Pack to share with a friend.

[Image via Epic Games]