WWE News: Update On Daniel Bryan’s Relationship With WWE After Being Pulled From WrestleMania Axxess

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently had to retire from active competition due to past concussions. The feeling by WWE doctors is that another head shot and concussion could very well take Bryan out of action again and maybe even cause him trouble with his life. Brain injuries are no joke and it has been proven that multiple shots to the head can cause brain issues, sometimes resulting in a person committing suicide. WWE did not want Bryan getting so bad that he went down this road. It was good of them, but it was also a business decision.

WWE is currently facing a lawsuit from past wrestlers over concussions sustained in the company. They are seeking millions of dollars that very well could break WWE completely. Another major concussion in WWE for Daniel Bryan could result in a loss for WWE in the courtroom, which would, in turn, cost many jobs for WWE. It made sense for them not to want him back in the ring, and every fan thinks the same as well if not for the business side, the safety of Bryan himself.

The departure from wrestling has obviously not been easy for Daniel Bryan. He truly wants to wrestle again, but he knows he cannot. Imagine doing something you love for years only to be told you cannot ever do it again. That is not easy. WWE still wants Bryan around as much as he wants to be. They have offered him several roles in WWE in fact, but he has turned them all down. Now WWE has pulled him from various events that he was previously announced for.

Bryan RAW

He was supposed to take part in some WrestleMania press events including Axxess, and even do some other WWE Live Events in a non-wrestling role. However, WWE pulled Bryan to the displeasure of many fans. Many thought that WWE and Daniel Bryan were having issues, which was not a good thing at all. On top of this, Brie Bella ended up missing this past week’s WWE RAW and SmackDown tapings. That got rumors swirling even more. One rumor even claimed that Brie was pregnant.

Apparently WWE told many news outlets that Daniel Bryan asked them for some time off. That means Bryan and WWE are still on good terms and the company has no problems with Bryan. As for Bella, she was seen doing some MMA training this past week in Florida. Clearly if she was pregnant, MMA training was not a wise choice for her. However, we can pretty much nail down now that she is not with child. Missing a week does not equal pregnancy, people.

As for Bryan, it makes a lot of sense that he needs some time away. Sure he has missed a lot of time from WWE fans already, but now that he knows he cannot wrestle, that is clearly not easy for him to take. Asking for time off and trying to get into something else might be the best thing for him right now. Daniel Bryan was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, and in a short time, he was able to accomplish more than most do in over a decade.

Bryan brie

Unlike some veterans, he main-evented WrestleMania. He won the triple crown of a major World Title, IC Title, and Tag Team Title. He won numerous outside awards for his time in WWE such as PWI’s wrestler of the year, and a match of the year win with Wrestling Observer. Bryan was so good that WON actually named the Best Technical Wrestler award the Bryan Danielson Award. He actually won the award every year from 2005 to 2013, which was amazing for anyone to do.

All in all, Daniel Bryan had a great career and will be a success in anything he tries. If he needs time away from WWE to focus on other things or simply needs to be away from what he used to love to do for a while, he has that right.

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