Madonna Shuts Down More ‘False’ Media Reports

Madonna Tour

Madonna has always been a target for the tabloids, and in many ways it has worked to her benefit. However, the latest stuff coming from the tabloids has been proven false in some instances. The popular blog Boy Culture recently wrote an article on the latest tabloid hit pieces against Madonna. Many of these hit pieces spread to even reliable news outlets.

“Tabloid journalists have been going the extra mile to try to paint Madonna in the most negative possible light during her Rebel Heart Tour. For a woman they’ve been calling ‘irrelevant’ for years, it’s remarkable that every time Madonna took the stage late, it spawned major international headlines and served as reliable clickbait.”

Author Matthew Rettenmund noted that Madonna has been called out by the tabloids for allegedly being drunk, being on pills, and being referred to constantly as “bizarre” — all which he believes are new ways to make Madonna seem undeserving of her success and the love she receives from admirers.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour
Madonna has been late for her shows — sometimes, very late. But some believe this doesn’t mean she has been drunk, especially since her shows require precision choreography around heavy moving objects. Still, many have accused her of being insensitive of fans’ schedules, while Madonna has said that perfection sometimes requires lateness.

Many of Madonna’s fans were angry about false reports of a half-empty show in Brisbane, Australia, that showed pictures of a venue long before Madonna even took the stage. This even angered Madonna herself.

Now, the latest tabloid onslaught against Madonna is that she is “hoarding” parking spaces and being rude to her neighbors. TMZ, a site that has been on a Madonna-bashing clickbait tirade as of late, broke the news this morning

“Madonna’s people concocted a scheme to snag precious parking spots in front of her super expensive NYC apartment, and the authorities came down on them like a brick,” TMZ claimed.

The site then said, without any proof, that Madonna apparently wanted to claim some prime parking spaces and not only put up “No Parking” signs, but also paint the curb yellow. Their “report” spread over the internet like wildfire and was seen as proof by Madonna’s detractors that she is indeed having a meltdown. However, Madonna cheekily cleared things up with a timely Instagram post.

While Madonna may not legally be able to post her own “No Parking” signs, some believe her frustration at not being able to park in her own driveway is understandable. She didn’t commit a major crime as the media would like you to believe. Under the post, fans were quick to point out that some are pretty desperate to create Madonna headlines out of nothing in order to guarantee page clicks. After all, Madonna is still reliable clickbait in the entertainment industry.

One thing that we likely won’t see soon is Madonna issuing an Instagram retraction for a report that she has just become the most successful touring act since 1990. Billboard broke the news.

“With the wrap of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour on March 20 in Sydney, the pop superstar solidifies her status as the highest-grossing solo touring artist in Billboard Boxscore history. Based on Billboard‘s Boxscore archives that stretch back to 1990, her overall concert grosses reached $1.31 billion with the tour’s final show.”

The article adds that The Rebel Heart trek grossed $169.8 million from 1,045,479 tickets sold at 82 performances. This isn’t bad for a performer who is allegedly “too old” and “too irrelevant.” What do you think Madonna has planned for the future? Let us know in the comments section.

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