Lady Gaga Unveils Latest Tattoo, Hints At Next Album Title

Lady Gaga has unveiled a new tattoo on via Twitter which may very well be the title of her forthcoming third album.

“New ink new album,” the singer tweeted, along with a picture which shows her holding her forearm up in front of the camera to display the word “Artpop” written on the side of her wrist in capital letters.

Not long after showing off her new tatto, Gaga followed with another photo, this one with just words (rumored to by lyrics from the upcoming unnamed LP), reading, “We could / We could belong together / ARTPOP.”

While Lady Gaga, who has more than 27 million followers on Twitter, hasn’t said too much about her new album, she did reveal earlier this year she will shed light on the creation in September.

In addition to dropping hints about her next LP and preparing for an overseas tour to promote her top-selling 2011 record Born This Way, Gaga also been sharing some never-before-seen pics on her social networking site

A couple of the pictures (seen below), show the Marry The Night star morphed into a unicorn.

“With prosthetics making her cheekbones appear more prominent, heavy eye-makeup and a pair of hoof-like shoes, Gaga finishes off the look with a phallic-inspired horn on her head,” Daily Mail writes regarding Ms. Gaga’s transformation into the mythical creature.

lady-gaga unicorn 1

lady-gaga unicorn 2

Gaga talks more about her forthcoming third album with MTV News in the video below:

Readers: Are you a fan of Lady Gaga’s music and unique sense of style? What are your thoughts on her new tattoo? Sound off below.