‘Destiny’ April Update Additional Details And Image Gallery

The first bits of the big Destiny April update were revealed by Bungie on Wednesday. However, the developer had some additional details to share Thursday along with a couple of corrections. Activision also sent over a whopping gallery of screenshots from the game that reveal some of the changes coming to the Reef along with looks at some of the new Prison of Elders bosses, plus new duds for Guardians on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

As previously covered, the April update will raise the Light level to 335. It also adds a new quest line via Variks to battle the remnants of the Taken forces following Oryx’s defeat. There is a new contender for the throne named Malock, with an all-new Strike called “The Blighted Chalice” ending the quest.

Variks and Bungie have also updated the Prison of Elders with a new Level 41 experience that does feature matchmaking. There’s also a level 42 Challenge of Elders mode with rewards to get players to 335. This is a three-round score challenge mode that will pit players in survival waves against bosses in an attempt to reach milestones for high scores and a cumulative scores that grant weapons and armor, respectively, via the Elder’s Sigil.

The Winter’s Run Strike is also being given the Taken remix treatments. Destiny players can look forward to that being added to the Vanguard Heroic Strike playlist with a Taken-fied Archon Priest.

Some of the details not mentioned during Bungie’s livestream event include the nugget that the King’s Fall Raid will begin to drop Light level 330 items. Additionally, the Court of Oryx is being given Artifacts with Light level 335 as loot to entice players back into the arena.

There is also one item mentioned during the Destiny livestream that is totally not true. Prison of Elders will not be given checkpoints. It was apparently a feature of the new Challenge Mode at one point, but that is no longer the case.

Here are galleries of each of the Destiny April update announcements.

Quest at the Gates

The Quest at the Gate is the new quest that tasks players with defeating the Taken contender for the crown, Malock. You can catch the new Taken shader, which Bungie hasn’t revealed how you earn yet, along with the new boss and Titan armor.

Blighted Chalice Strike

This Strike represents the conclusion of the Malok quest. Again, you can see the new Destiny boss along with some of the environments on the Dreadnaught where it will take place. The Warlock’s new suit of armor also says hello.

Winter’s Run Strike

This is a good look at what the Archon Priest looks like as a Taken. Even his “CELL FROM THE PRISON OF ELDERS!” has been overrun by the dark forces.

Prison of Elders

Meet some of the new bosses Destiny players will experience in the Prison of Elders. There are Taken versions of a Hive Knight, Vex Hydra, and Cabal Centurion. Existing bosses will be given some new tricks as well during the Challenge of Elders. Also note what looks like a sweet new sword wielded by the Titan.


The Reef will receive a handful of changes as well to bring it up to par with the Tower. The Eververse Trading Company was pictured during the Destiny livestream yesterday while the following images also reveal the collection Kiosks for Exotic weapons and armor, Quests, Emblems, and such.

The Destiny update is scheduled to arrive on April 12 and was created by the Bungie Live team. This is the same team responsible for past events such as Sparrow Racing and Crimson Days. The developer plans two more livestreams scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, and Wednesday, April 6, to reveal additional details.

[Image via Bungie]