NFL Rumors: Cleveland Browns Reuniting Robert Griffin III, Josh Gordon

NFL rumors have been swirling around the Cleveland Browns today. First, they might have found their new starting quarterback in Robert Griffin III. Now, NBC Sports is reporting that the Browns are trying to reunite the former Washington Redskins franchise player with Josh Gordon. The two of them played very briefly together for the Baylor Bears. There could be a very explosive and potent offense in Cleveland next season. That would be a welcomed change for one of the worst franchises in the National Football League.

Earlier today, the Cleveland Browns signed Robert Griffin III to a two-year deal. When that deal expires, the Browns are hoping to hand Griffin III a massive contract. That would mean that the talented quarterback has resurrected both his career and the franchise. When he was with the Washington Redskins, Griffin III showed signs of being one of the better players in the NFL. The Browns need him to become the guy that made the Pro Bowl in 2012.

Robert Griffin III [Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]

Talent is something that Josh Gordon has plenty of. When his head is in the game, he’s one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. That’s saying a lot because the Cleveland Browns haven’t had quality play at the quarterback position for much of the past decade. If Robert Griffin III can return to the player he was during his rookie season, then Gordon is finally going to have his quarterback.

Before he crosses that bridge, though, Josh Gordon needs to get over a hurdle first. Right now, he’s under suspension from the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to meet with Gordon in person before making a decision about reinstatement. Not only are the Cleveland Browns hoping that Goodell reinstates their star wide receiver, they’re also hoping that Gordon has learned his lesson and has embraced sobriety.

Roger Goodell [Photo by Matt Lawrie/Getty Images]

Since he has a background on the offensive side of the ball, one of the first things that Hue Jackson did upon being hired as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns was to construct his playbook. Jackson couldn’t simply duplicate the offense that he ran with the Cincinnati Bengals because there’s no Andy Dalton or AJ Green on the Browns roster. Hue has to modify his scheme to fit the players that Cleveland already has.

With that in mind, Hue Jackson decided to script the offense without factoring in Josh Gordon. While a reinstatement may happen this season, Jackson wasn’t going to completely bank on that. He can always make modifications once he gets word from Roger Goodell. Of course, changing up plays to add a weapon like Gordon might actually be a fun exercise for Jackson and his offensive staff. Since Robert Griffin III is already under contract, the coaching staff has probably started modifications.

Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson
Hue Jackson [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

One of the issues that plagued the Cleveland Browns in their handling of Johnny Manziel is the fact that they didn’t hold him accountable enough. Hue Jackson seems like a good solution for that because he’s already holding Josh Gordon accountable. He told the media that it wasn’t about what Gordon will say to the team and the media. It will be about everything that Gordon does to make sure that he stays on the field and helps the Browns win.

In the NFL, your fate can change pretty quickly. Look at the San Francisco 49ers. They went from the top of the mountain to the base of the mountain in a very short period of time. The Cleveland Browns are hoping that they can go the opposite direction as quickly as possible. Their loyal fan base has suffered long enough.

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