NRA Rewrites Fairy Tales, Gives Red Riding Hood A Gun

NRA Re-Writes Fairy Tales: Gives Red Riding Hood A Gun

In a bizarre PR move, the NRA has started a campaign to rewrite popular fairy tales, giving guns to their protagonists, in a move that gun control advocates call “absolutely sick.” The NRA’s changes to popular fairy tales include giving Red Riding Hood a shotgun, aptly re-titled to “Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun),” and “Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns).

The NRA’s family-oriented wing called NRA Family produced the illustrated retellings of popular fairy tales in an effort to show children how to safely and responsibly handle firearms and, as the NRA claims, how common fairy tale pitfalls could have been avoided if only their heroes and heroines were packing heat, reports People Magazine.

“They are avoiding all of these horrific situations that happen in fairy tales that are really very violent. If kids are taught safety in general, all of this could be avoided,” said Amelia Hamilton of the National Rifle Association’s NRA Family on the NRA radio show today.

The NRA’s move has met with serious resistance from gun control advocates who claim the NRA is doing nothing more than “glorifying” gun violence, calling the fairy tales an attempt to corrupt children by indoctrinating them with a pro-gun ethos at a young and impressionable age. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence cites a study by Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group which found that 2015 saw around 278 child-involved shootings in just the United States. As of 2016, there have been 56, claims the gun-control advocacy group, reports NBC News.

“[The NRA] is reimagining classic fairy tales as pro-gun parables in their NRA Family magazine. It’s a degenerate culture that corrupts children and encourages them to take on significant, unnecessary risks.

In the NRA’s re-tooled fairy tales, the heroes never actually shoot anyone, they just threaten the antagonists with their firearms. Brandishing a shotgun, the NRA’s Little Red Riding Hood sees Red’s Grandmother staring down the wolf, and scaring him off.

“He realized that Grandmother hadn’t been backing away from him; she had been moving towards her shotgun to protect herself and her home,” reads the NRA’s “Little Red Riding Hood (Has a Gun).”

The other NRA-themed fairy tale released just this week, which features the NRA’s pro-gun message, is “Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns)” which features the titular brother and sister getting lost in the woods, during which time they encounter a witch who lures them in with a house made of candy – just like in the classic fairy tale. The NRA twist comes in when the author of the gun rights parable lovingly describes the way that Hansel and Gretel carefully, and safely, handle their firearms – and how they use them to escape from the evil forest witch.

“Hansel and Gretel had been taught how to safely use a gun and had been hunting with their parents most of their lives. Before long, they heard a rustling in the leaves and turned to see a 10-point buck drinking from a stream. Gretel readied her rifle and fired. Her training had paid off, for which she was able to bring the buck down instantly with a single shot,” reads the NRA’s take on the classic fairy tale.

Gun-control advocates have responded in force on Twitter, with the hashtag #NRAFairyTales featuring their own versions of classic fairy tales, but unlike the NRA versions, these ones feature the dangers that firearms can pose to young children who mishandle them, reports the Washington Post.

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