Little Baby’s Ice Cream Commercial Will Haunt Your Dreams

Little Baby’s Ice Cream Shop, which is based out of Philadelphia, really wants you to stop in their establishment and have a scoop of your favorite flavor. However, if you intend to visit to the delicious treat peddler anytime soon, I would advice steering clear of their latest online advertisement. Chances are it will turn you off to ice cream. Forever.

The clip, which is called “This is a Special Time”, was directed by Doug Garth Williams, narrated by Matthias Bossi, and scored by Jon Guez. You can tell right away that something’s not quite right about the video, though things really start to get freaky as it progresses. Although it’s only about a minute long, the advertisement contains enough bizarro imagery to haunt your nightmares for several weeks to come.

If, for some reason, you cannot watch the video right now, here’s what’s in store for interested parties: The clip opens with a man eating ice cream, which he appears to be spooning from some location above his head. As the narration about the clarity of a man’s complexion drones on, the camera slowly pulls back, revealing that our hero is actually eating himself. That’s not hair on top of his head, my friends, that’s ice cream, and his wide-eyed reaction to consuming the stuff is downright creepy.

“When you eat Little Baby’s Ice Cream you’ll wink and nod and hug and high five each other with great enthusiasm,” the narrator explains. It may not sound creepy, but I can’t get it out of my head.

According to The Huffington Post, Little Baby’s Ice Cream serves up “hand-made, super-premium ice cream made from 16 percent butter fat as well as vegan friendly, non-dairy frozen desserts” to its customers on a daily basis. Why they decided to take this bizarre approach to viral marketing is perplexing, but it seems to be working its magic.

When you’ve steeled your nerves for dessert-related freakiness, direct your attention to the video embedded below. It’s pretty strange stuff.