Watch Bernie Sanders Yakima Rally Full Replay From Valley Sun Dome: ‘Future To Believe In’ Grips Washington

Bernie Sanders Yakima Rally Live Stream

Bernie Sanders becomes the first presidential candidate to hold a rally in Yakima, Washington, since 1999 when his “Future To Believe In” event will stream live from the Yakima Valley SunDome Thursday evening. Sanders continues his campaign not just to overtake frontrunner Hillary Clinton but to make his “political revolution” a permanent fixture of Democratic politics.

“We will campaign not just to the convention, but through it into the future,” Larry Cohen, a top Sanders adviser, told The Yakima Herald on Thursday. “This is not just about Bernie. We believe deeply this is what the Democratic Party needs to do to be successful.”

A live stream of the Bernie Sanders rally can be viewed by scrolling down on this page. The event is scheduled to get underway at 7 p.m. Pacific Time at the 8,000-seat SunDome, but a line of about 700 Sanders supporters had already formed at about 1:30 p.m., waiting for the doors to open at 4 p.m.

Bernie Sanders Yakima Rally Live Stream Los Angeles

The rally comes less than 24 hours before Bernie Sanders staged a surprise rally in Los Angeles, packing the historic, 1,850-seat Wiltern Theatre, despite no advance notice of the rally beyond an email blast. The Sanders campaign set up the Los Angeles rally at the last minute after Sanders was forced to postpone scheduled rallies in Wyoming due to heavy snows in that state.

Bernie Sanders, who held a victory rally in San Diego, California, on Tuesday to celebrate his wins in the Idaho and Utah Democratic caucuses that day, was also in Los Angeles Wednesday to meet for a 50-minute interview with the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, promising the editors, “you’re going to see me here more than you feel comfortable with.”

Sanders said that an all-out attempt to win the California primary, with its 475 delegates plus 73 superdelegates, on June 7 was key to his “path” to winning the Democratic nomination — though Sanders conceded that his mathematical chances of actually catching Hillary Clinton do not look good.

“I would fully concede we have a narrow path to victory,” Sanders told the Times board. “But it is a path.”

Watch a full replay of Bernie Sanders Tuesday San Diego rally in the video below.

For the live stream of “A Future To Believe In” from the Yakima Valley Sundown on Thursday, see the following video. Sanders is scheduled to take the podium at about 7 p.m. Pacific, 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Sanders has also repeatedly made the case — a case he can be expected to repeat in his speech from Yakima — that he, not Clinton, is the Democrat best equipped to defeat Donald Trump, the near-certain Republican nominee, in the November election.

A new set of general election polls were issued on Wednesday, showing varying results — though they all show either Democrat defeating Trump in the fall.

A Fox News poll shows Clinton topping Trump by 11 percentage points, 49 to 38, while the same poll shows Sanders out in front of the New York real estate mogul and reality TV personality by 14 points, 52 to 38.

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A Quinnipiac poll on the same day showed a closer matchup, with Clinton topping Trump by six, 46 to 40. But the Quinnipiac poll pitting Sanders against Trump came out with an identical result to the Fox News poll, 52 for Sanders, 38 for Trump.

A Bloomberg News poll, however, showed Clinton beating Trump by 18 points, and Sanders blowing past the Republican frontrunner by 23 points.

According to Nate Silver of the election-predicting site, if the election were held today, Clinton would hold a sizable advantage in the electoral college, winning 374 electoral votes — 104 more than needed to win a majority.

“A lot could change. Clinton can’t take anything for granted,” Silver wrote on his Twitter feed. “But that’s about what a 10-11% Dem win would look like these days.”

Sanders would also benefit from more or less the same electoral math.

After his two rallies in Washington State on Thursday, Bernie Sanders takes over the 54,000-seat baseball stadium Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington, on Friday at 7 p.m., just one day before the Washington caucuses where Sanders aims to take as large a share as he can of the state’s 118 delegates on Saturday.

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