April 16, 2017
'Batman V Superman' Negative Reviews Pile On: Will Ben Affleck Direct Stand Alone 'Batman' Film?

It's been a few days since critics started to review Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Prior to the negative reviews, there has been months of speculation that not only does Warner Bros. want to push three stand alone Batman films, but that they wanted its star, Batman himself, Ben Affleck, to direct those films.

It would make sense given Affleck's pedigree as a director, and the relationship that he has with Warner Bros. He has signed a contract that would allow Warner Bros.' to have exclusivity to his directorial efforts, which so far has paid off for both Affleck and the studio.

Now that it's been decided that Zack Snyder isn't the director that should steer the DC universe, at least according to critics, maybe now more than ever, Warner Bros. needs Affleck to save the day. Although this is all speculation, Sue Kroll, the president for worldwide marketing and distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures, told the New York Times in their profile piece on Affleck about Warner Bros. loyalty to the Affleck brand.

"We're in the Ben Affleck business. He needs to be able to do what he needs to do to thrive as an artist. His schedule is clearly a very aggressive one, and we have him very busy."

Affleck hasn't confirmed or denied whether or not he will direct the Batman films, and if they're even happening. That said, in a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, the actor didn't seem like he wanted to have his own caped crusader movie so soon.

"[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] isn't, to me, a stand-alone Batman movie. Batman's in it, and I think that's okay. But I wouldn't do another just Batman movie right on top of Chris and Christian's movies. I would just want a little more distance."

Although Affleck doesn't seem too pumped to have his own Batman film, during an L.A. press day, the actor said that he's open to the idea.
"Sure, I would. For me, as a director, it's about the material and the characters, so if I found the right material, I would definitely throw my hat in the ring to direct something on this scale. I'm definitely bolder now, certainly having learned from and watched Zack and Chris put this movie together."
In terms of the timeline, it seems like regardless of how the actor-director feels, he'll have to wait a bit of time. As it is, he needs to film Justice League (also directed by Snyder), which starts filming in London in April. Then he has to film Justice League Part Two, which puts him up to 2019.

If the day does come where Affleck is asked to don the cape in his own solo film, it looks like audiences will have to wait a good five years or so, not counting production time, before they will see a full length feature film of just Affleck as Batman. Keep in mind, that's if Affleck doesn't act or direct in any additional films, which might take away from the DC Universe that Warner Bros. is trying to build.

Although we're far off from a stand alone Batman film, rumors have already circulated that there's a few villains that might pop up, if it ever comes to fruition. Back in December, it was reported that Will Smith's Deadshot had a chance of popping up in Affleck's film.

According to Latino Review, Smith signed up for "multiple appearances" as Deadshot, which means that there's a huge possibility he'll show up in at least one Batman film in addition to Suicide Squad.

Despite the negative reviews, fans still seem into the prospect of Affleck directing and starring in his own Batman film.

[Photo by Warner Bros.]